Patyrsun's Codex Arcanum, Domesday Edition, Adarian Version

A truely huge list of thousands of GUPRS Spells, collected, complied, edited and modified. Each Collage of Magic has its own link, be warned that these files are hugh and so may be slow loaders.....Enjoy!

Air Spells *

Animal Spells

Body Control Spells

Communication and Empathy Spells

Earth Spells *

Elemental, General Spells *

Enchantment Spells

Fire Spells *

Food Spells

Force Magic Spells**

Gate Spells

Healing Spells

Illusion and Creation Spells

Knowledge Spells

Light and Darkness Spells

Making and Breaking Spells


Movement Spells

Necromantic Spells

Plant Spells

Protection and Warning Spells

Sound and Hearing Spells

Technology Spells

Water Spells *

* = Air, Earth, Fire and Water Colleges have in common the General Elemental Spells

** = A new college of Thomas Barnes' own making

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