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The Official GURPS 3e Links

GURPS Lite, 3rd Edition Version
GURPS Lite is a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules. It covers the essentials of character creation, combat, success rolls, magic, adventuring, and game mastering. Best of all....its FREE!

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Dr Kromm's GURPS Page
The "Official" GURPS system Guru...need an answer, this is the first place to look

"Official" Clarifications to the GURPS Magic System
From "The Words of Kromm" and "The Words of Kromm II" by Sean Punch, the GURPS line editor and rules guru, indexed by Peter Del Orto. Thomas Barnes has edited the text to make it more concise and to combine the two documents. These rulings can be taken as being "official."

GURPS Third Edition Frequently Asked Questions
Additional "Official" Clarifications to the GURPS System....

GURPS World Books
A List of GURPS World Books, with information including if they are still in print...

GURPS Utilities
This is a list of gamer-created computer aids for our Steve Jackson Games inclusing GURPS. Everything in this section was written by fans, for fans. "Semi-Official" It is on the Steve Jackson Games Web Site.

My Own Non-Campaign Specific GURPS Links

Medieval Weapons
The complete GURPS 3e Medieval Weapons Tables...

New and Modified Forms of GURPS 3e Advantages....

New and Modified Forms of GURPS 3e Disdvantages...

New and Modified Forms of GURPS 3e Skills and Maneuvers...

New Spells
A table of new "official" spells from GURPS 3e books that are not listed in Magic or Grimoire. This table has spells from Blood Types (BT), Celtic Myth, (CM), Discworld (DI), Egypt (EG), Fantasy Bestiary (FB), Places of Mystery (PM), Religion (R), Russia (RU), Technomancer (T), and Undead (UN).

Codex Arcanum, Domesday Edition, Adarian Version
Index page for hundreds of NEW, Non-Official GURPS 3e Spells of every type and collage, as well as ideas for modifing the official spells....be warned, the links to the different Collages of Magic Web Pages are hugh, slow loaders....

Mu Own Critical Hit Table (Or a New Way to Slice and Dice...)
As both player and GM I grew very tired of rolling critical hits with no special effects, so my answer is here where every Critical Hit has a special effect of some kind...


This section contains some general, all purpose role-playing guides that I find useful and believe other players and game masters might as well. Uncle Figgy's Guides are not rules to live (or play) by. But they are thoughtful, well written and worth a look...

Uncle Figgy's Guide to Good Fantasy
Or...Watch Where You're Pointing that Sword!

Uncle Figgy's Guide to Roleplaying for Non-Roleplayers:
A Manual for Parents, Friends and Gamers

Uncle Figgy's Guide to Good Roleplaying
Or...How to Make Your Minor Diety Earn His Pay

Uncle Figgy's Guide to Good GameMastering
Or....How to Manipulate Friends and Influence People


The Adarian Campaign
The Index Page for my personal RPG Campaign that has been run for over 25 years now. The following web pages started out as a father-son project but my son has lost interest and hes the typer so the sad state of the following pages are unlikely to be improved in the forseeable future...All the following was GURPS 3e material from about 1998 or so. Most of the it was first draft, so was and is very rough...proceed at your own risk ;-)

A Little about the Campaign
Some background on the Game Master, the nature of the campaign, and how it came to be as it is, etc...

Very Basic Setting and Background Information For The Adarian Campaign
What every Player Character should known.....

Adarian World Atlas
An index page with links to the nations and lands of the campaign world

Adarian Player Character Races
My Index Page for the Races of the Adarian Campaign World. There are well over 100 PC races and cultures to choose from (including subraces of course)...

Adarian Campaign Player Hand-out
Some basic campaign background information for new players...

House Rules In the Adarian Campaign
These are the current House Rules, new,used and modified...

Magic Rules in the Adarian Campaign
Everything a begining characher should know about mages and magic.....

The Gods and Higher Powers
This is a index of the God and Goddess of the Adarian Capaign along with some background...

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