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Beaverlings - 85 points
Bipedal sentient beavers who often dwell near lakes or on islands or along coastlines. They love the water and are artisans of great wonder eapecially in painting, cooking, and music. They are fairly chivalrous, and honest to a fault (literally).

Kangas - 100 points
Sentient marsupials with larger heads and more intelligent facial features than kangaroos. Kanga society is very loosely organized, but very entertaining. Kangas enjoy life to the fullest, but when perturbed, they are fierce brawlers, and can kick with their feet without penality. They can also do a tail sweep in melee, much like a sweeping kick...

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Human, Sway Mays
An ancient sisterhood of human femals with the ability to turn into swans by donning feathered cloaks.

Humans, Barbarian Nations of Artesa
A closer look at 35 barbarian human nations on one of the major continents in the Adarian Campaign...

Humans -The Civilized Nations of Artesa
A closer look at 47 barbarian human nations on one of the major continents in the Adarian Campaign...

Dragon, Hatching - 115 points
A Dragon has to grow and learn, and when mama dragon decides its young can fend for themselves they are driven from the mother's lair to make their own way in the world...

Harpies - Females are 100 points/Males are 70 points
A harsh race which lives mostly in moutains, isolated islands and other places which other creatures seldom covet. Harpies have fangrd human heads and upright avian vulture-like bodies.

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Have added five new and one reworked Centauroid races...enjoy!

Arcitenus - 135 points
Two-headed centaurs, they are larger, more barbaric, agressive and fierce than the typicial centaur and they possess two heads for constant watchfulness.

Centaurs - 65 points
A generally barbaric race, centaurs are wanderers who inhabit open grasslands or mountain valleys. Some are fairly sophisticated, but few have been known to settle in any one region for long...

Donataurs - 50 points
Donkey centaurs are more intelligent than their wilder cousins the centaurs, but lack the centaurs' natural gift for survival in the wild. Conquently they often live amoungst civilized races...

Malataur - 125 points
Goat centaurs, great hunters and trappers, while not especially swift, they are sure-footed climbers, capable of traversing rough and mountainous terrain with little difficulty. Males of the species have great spiraling horns; females, a pair of small, sharp horns...

Mule-centaurs - 145 points
Mule-centaurs are crosses between Centaurs and Donataurs. Somewhat uncommon, such individuals combine the best features of both races, but themselves are sterile.

Wemic - 100 points
Wemic are large lion centuars that roam temperate grasslands and savannas, hunting antelope, elk and deer as well as other herd animals...

Damage Over Time Spells (DOTS)
Info on a new type of Damage Spell. If sucessfully cast in addition to their inital damage, these spells continue to do damage to the victim at regular intervals. There are 6 Damage Over Time Spells:
Frost Bite DOT
Hell Fire DOT
Mage Bane DOT
Plague DOT
Vampire DOT
Vemon DOT

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