ST 12/24 (48.5 points, sencond number is for lower body only, racial default is 12/24)
HT +1 (10 points)
Acure Hearing +2 (4 points)
Alertness +2 (10 points)
Claws (20 points)
DR +2 (6 points)
Enhanced Move, 1 level (10 points)
4 legs (5 points).

Inconvenient Size (-10 points)
Overconfidence (-10 points)
Illiteracy (-5 points).

Racial Skill Bonous:
Running +1 (4 points)
Spear +1 (2 points)
Survival - Plains +1 (2 points)
Tracking +1 (2 points).

Racally Learned Skills:
First Aid at IQ -1 (1/2 point)
Savoir-Faire/Wemic at IQ (1 point).

It costs 100 points to play a Wemic.

Although, many Wemic are primitive, Wemic PCs are not required to have the primitive disadvantage as there are Wemics that live near "civilized" lands and so it is the player p that should decide he wishes his Wemic to be "Civilized" or "Primitive."

Wemic are large lion centuars that roam temperate grasslands and savannas, hunting antelope, elk and deer as well as other herd animals. They have their own language, which is a Mental/Easy skill. They are of average intelligence, and are excellent trackers and guides.

Determine height normally; weight is three times normal. Coloring tends to be light brown to yellow over most of their bodies, with darker hair on the head and tail. Some Wemics are completely black, and there are some that are lighter in color. Eyes run the same range as do humans. Many tribes have tribal markings, some sport tatoos, tribal scaring, or paint symbols or colors on themselves for hunting, war, because of religion, or celebrations.

Wemic males carry javelins and usually a club or hand axe as a melee weapon. Most carry large, leather shields. Females usually do not carry weapons other than large knives (which are used for dressing game. Females have been known to go Berserk if their young are attacted. The young are non-combative.

Wemics live in prides, groups of 3 to 18 males, 4 to 24 females, and 2 to 12 young. From 6 to 36 prides will band together and form a tribe led by a Chieftain. A group of 2 to 12 tribes make up a clan and 3 to 13 clans make up a nation. The clan leader is called a Khan, and the leader of a nation is called a Great Khan.

Leaders do not have much control over those under them. The Wemics are an indepentent lot, any who disagree with the leader may either fight the leader for the right to take his place or leave the group and join or start another Wemic group, taking as many of the old group as choose to follow.

Many Wemic leave rather than fight a member of their own family, which is considered very honorable. It is not considered a dishonor to leave, even if the Wemic is not related to the leader, as many Wemics do not want the job of being the leader. Most groups that part, go their own ways, but it is not uncommon for two groups to engage in warfare against one another after breaking up. A lot of Wemics (especially young male warriors) are considered quick-tempered and too eager to fight.

Wemic tribes usually have a Shaman who knows a little healing magic and how to "doctor." While being useful to a band of Wemic, shamans are not considered to be as inportant to the band as are the hunter/warriors. Shaman are tolerated, but as a rule, they very little influence and are usually considered a bit touched, or even mad, and so are not completely trusted or very much liked. Most shaman have an unhappy, young apprentice Wemic that has the gift (or "curse") of magery, who would must rather be out hunting and fightning with his friends. Many such youths run off and join other tribes of Wemics before their training is anywhere near completed. Do it is very common for Wemic Shamans to learn only a very few spells, often when such a "run-away shaman" is too old to hunt, he will be forced to resume his role as a shaman after all.

The Wemic do not marry and in general the males and females in a pride will mate with each other as they please. The young are cared for by all the females, and most often the young do not know who their parents are, and the parents to do seem to keep track of thier offspring either, but to the Wemic, this is not very important, the individual is judged by his own actions, and all the members of his pride are considered as close family.

Usually a female Wemic will has twins, about every other year. Twins are usually closer to each other than to the other members of the pride. Some twin pairs seem to share special links to each other. The young grow up and are taught how to survive. When the youth are ready, they leave their pride for another, with twins sometimes leaving together and joining the same prides as adults. Often, the youths must prove their worth before the new pride will accept them, it is up to the pride's leader to come up with a suitable "test."

Wemic personal names are nicknames that have stuck, such as bent-tail, Iron-paw, Fat-daddy, Strong-arm, Moody, Drinks-too-much, Likes-to-sing, Quick-run, Bunny-slayer, Great-sage, Red-arrow, ect. Personal names often change, and most Wemic will fight if someone tried to hang an offensive or too disagreeable nickname upon them.

Clan, Tribe and Nation names can be almost anything, such as Black Spear Clan, Quick Foot Nation, Sunny Mountian Clan, Fox Tail Tribe, ect. Female are often (but not always) named after something pretty for instance: Gem, Joyous-heart, Songbird, Delight, Jewel, Singing-brook, etc.

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