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The Adarian Campaign is...very breifly, my personal campaign setting, an environment created and developed by myself, with the aid of many other gamers, so as to have a background for our fanasty role-playing adventures. It is based rather loosely upon the late medieval/early renaissance period of our own history with the fantasy elements of non-human races and magic added.

Not just another Hack N Slash game, we concentrate on role-playing, character development and interaction, but we have our share of heroic action adventure, including a large healthy dose of swashbuckling, humor, politics, romance, magic and intrigue...all in an incredibly detailed enviroment.

This campaign begun in the late 70's, and has continued to be added to and has expand by leaps and bounds over the years. While much comes from our own imaginations, we freely barrow, modify and adapt whatever will improve things from a great many sources, including books, movies, and even at times, other gaming systems. Our goal is to alway try to combine the best features of many different settings, places, peoples and background ideas as we attempt to make this campaign setting come alive and become a very special place for both myself and the players that have helped create and shape this shared fantasy. In the end the each player will have to judge if we have been sucessful or not.

Over the years many things has changed in the Adarian Campaign, not the least of which was a major over-haul of the whole thing in about 1986, at which time I converted nearly everything over to the GURPS rule system. There have been many other over-hauls since, usually right after Steve Jackson Games publishes a new core rule book such as GURPS MAGIC or FANTASY FOLK (just to name a couple).

To be totally fair and honest it should be noted that I have not always fully or completely adopted all of the "official" GURPS Rules (I started running GURPS using the old 1st Edition Rules (no Fantasy Races other than Elves as I recall and no core magic rules other than the Magery advantage....). I remember going crazy one winter trying to convert the AD&D magic system into a useable GURPS Magic system. Anyway, I have always tried to use as much of the official GURPS rules as possible, but there are some minor things that are a little different in the Adarian Campaign and the way I Game Master...as good as the GURPS system is and I personally consider it the best role-playing system ever written, it does have some elements that I disagree with, so like most Game Masters I do use some of my own House Rules. I would say that I do use over 95% of the core rules as written.

There are several reasons for my publishing my personal GURPS campaign on the web. One is it allows my players a place to find information on my campaign whenever and wherever they happen to be. Another reason that you are reading this is that it is my hope that the Adarian Campaign Setting will help to inspire and encourage all those would-be World Designers and Game Masters out there to jump right in and start work on their own worlds and adventures, finding some of the joy, fun, life long friends and happiness that I personally have experienced in creating and Game Mastering the Adarian Campaign. While I have put a lot of time and effort into it, overall it is and has been a very rewarding experience and I have no regrets about doing it...

My only request is that you do not claim my campaign setting as your own work, please give me the credit and respect that my work deserves. You may use and reproduce what follows only for personal use in a non-commerical pursuit. If you wish to use the Adarian Campaign or any part thereof for any other purposes, you should contact me and we can discuss it. Everything to do with the Adarian Campaign is copyrighted by me, Patyrsun 1998,1999,2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. and should be treated accordingly.

Now on with my Campaign Notes...which should be considered in rough draft format, I do plan to rewrite, edit and place a neat final draft online without typos...someday...;-}

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