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Greetings, this page is dedicated to my interpretation of Michael Moorcock's World of STORMBRINGER. What is STORMBRINGER you may ask. STORMBRINGER is a rich fantasy setting that offers great dramatic potential. A harsh world filled with great beauty, well realized characters, and a sense of impending doom all make the game ideal for any level of play.
As this is a work in progress, I welcome any and all comments and additions to this project. The following links are (hopefully) only the beginning...(I hope!)

STORMBRINGER: GURPS - Some Reasons for a Conversion
My reasoning for why a conversion from STOMBRINGER Rules to GURPS would be useful

Description of the backgound of all of Michael Moorcock's works and how they are all linked together....

STORMBRINGER: GURPS - Races in the Young Kingdoms
With a world as diverse and intricate as that of the Young Kingdoms one should expect to find all manners of creatures, and all manners of people. The stories of the various Kingdoms are intertwining, and a small dose of these are included here as well as some information on the ways of each culture. The people of the Young Kingdoms stand before you, learn what you will...

STORMBRINGER: GURPS - Magic and Skills in the Young Kingdoms
In order to successfully capture the flavor of the Moorcock novels I had to create some new skills and modify the Magic system.

STORMBRINGER: GURPS - Demons in the Young Kingdoms
One of STORMBRINGER's most controversial elements is its attention to the summoning of demons. Although the book states that Moorcock's demons are "amoral residents of another universe, not an infernal power of Earth," there will (no doubt!) be some who take offense...regardless there are my conversion rules...

STORMBRINGER: GURPS - The Melnibonean Grimoire!
"This is a fresh more than one way. The time of subtle sorcery is on the wane. Men are finding new means of harnessing natural power." -Stormbringer I,2
At this point there are 40 or so spells up...

Patyrsun's Main GURPS Page
My Main GURPS Index Page

The Adarian Campaign
The Index Page for my personal RPG Campaign that has been run for over 25 years....

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