GURPS Magic and Skills in the Young Kingdoms


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In order to successfully capture the flavor of the Moorcock novels I had to create some new skills and modify the Magic system. Each skill is listed with a genre based upon the story scenario it should be played with.


Summoning: (M/VH)
Binding: (M/VH)
Speak Orgjen: (M/E)
Speak High Melnibonean: (M/VH)
Speak Low Melnibonean: (M/H)
Speak Yuric: (M/E)
Speak Pande: (M/A)


Mana levels fluctuate between NONE and HIGH depending on where you are in the Young Kingdoms. As a rule of thumb, the more Chaos oriented a region...the higher the Mana (and vice versa!). All spells are cast using the RITUAL and RUNE magic rules (as per GURPS Magic). The GM determines which Rune Lores the Sorceror/Priest must know before he can learn the desired is not easy to begin with, but as you progress, it is all worth it.

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