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This file is a set of tables of spells from GURPS books that are not listed in Magic or Grimoire The table follows the format set in Magic.

This table has spells from Blood Types (BT), Celtic Myth, (CM), Discworld (DI), Egypt (EG), Fantasy Bestiary (FB), Places of Mystery (PM), Religion (R), Russia (RU), Technomancer (T), and Undead (UN).

Variant Spells: Discworld, Greece, Russia, and Technomancer have new forms of Divination. Celtic Myth has setting-appropriate variants of Seek Gate, Control Gate, Create Gate, and Scry Gate. Discworld has a setting-specific version of Suspend Time, different enough it is listed in the table. The shamanistic version of Aura is slightly more powerful than that in Magic.

New Colleges: The Ley college originates in Places of Mystery, and may be a separate college or a subcollege of Elemental Earth. Spells in Celtic Myth are arranged by "tree", not by the standard colleges. The Cleric "college" is the collection of spells available to a magic user with Power Investiture (R93, CI42). The Shamanistic "college" is the collection of spells available to a magic user with World Sight (R94, CI48).

Notes: An asterisk (*) after a spell name indicates that it is Mental/Very Hard. All other spells are Mental/Hard.

A -- indicates that the column does not apply.

Under prerequisites, Magery is abbreviated M, Magery 2 is M2, and so on. World Sight is abbreviated WS. Power Investiture is abbreviated PI.

Under class, an "R" indicates that the spell can be resisted. The entry after the dash shows what resists the spell.

Under energy, if two numbers are separated by a slash, the first is the cost to cast and second is the cost to maintain. A "/h" means cost to maintains is half the cost to cast. A "/s" means cost to maintain si the same as cost to cast.

Under time to cast, "Instant" means that the effect occurs as asoon as the spell is finished, and is completed immediately.

"Special" just means that the description is too complex to fit on a table - see appropriate book and page number (also shown on the table).

A "#" sign means that there are exceptions or other changes - see the appropriate book and page.
Source Spell Name Class College Time to Cast Duration Energy Prerequisites
T17 Accelerate Pregnancy Regular Body 20 sec Special Special Ease Labor, Haste
T23 Analyze Genetics Information Knowledge 1 sec Instant 3 Sense Life, at TL6+ Genetics-12+
BT76 Astral Projection Regular Gate 1 sec 5 min 5/1 M2, Projection or Planar Summons
DI149 Atavarr's Personal Gravitational Upset* Reg../R-HT Movement 2 sec 5 min 8/8 M2, 30 spells from 5 colleges
R122 Aura # Information Shamanistic 3 sec Instant 3 WS
CM104 Avert Blocking/R-Special Gorse 1 sec Instant Special M
R122 Banish Reg./R spirit's ST+IQ Shamanistic 10 min Permanent Special WS, in trance
UN40 Bind Spirit Reg./R-IQ Necromantic 5 min Permanent Special Command Spirit (same type), Soul Jar
R123 Bless Regular Shamanistic 1 hr Permanent 8 WS, in trance
T27 Blind Sensor Reg./R-sensor's scan - 5 Protection 1 sec 1 min 3/1 Glitch, Seek Emitter
T18 Borrow Number/TL Regular # Communication 10 sec 10 min 4/1 Seek Number
DI138 Borrowing Reg./R-IQ Animal, Communication 5 sec 1 min 5/1 Discworld Witch Training or M, Beast-Soother, Persuasion, Sleep
DI148 Break Mental Walls* Reg./R-Will-3 2 sec Special 5 Sense Emotion, Fear, Foolishness
T19 Broadcast Spell/TL* Regular Communication Special Special Special M3, Telepathy, Mass Suggestion, TL6+
RU93 Call Swarm Regular Animal 1 sec Special 6, cannot be maintained Appropriate Control Spell at 16+
DI143 Catch Wound Blocking Healing 1 sec 1 hr 2/2 M2, Lend Strength
CM104 Celtic Shapeshifting Other Spec./R-IQ Silver Fir 1 sec Special 8 M, Celtic Shapeshifting
CM96  Celtic Shapeshifting Regular Silver Fir 1 sec Special 3 High Mana 
R123 Cleanse Regular Shamanistic 2 hr Permanent 8 Healing, in trance
T24 Coherent Light Jet Regular Light and Darkness 1 sec 1 min 3/2 Light Jet
EG93 Coming Forth By Day Special 1 day One Journey to afterlife 5 none
UN40 Command Spirit Reg./R-IQ Necromantic 2 sec 1 min Special Summon Spirit, Turn Spirit
T34 Confound Firearm Reg./R-HT Technology (Machine) 1 sec 1 min 2 # Glitch
R110 Consecrate Enchantment Cleric 5 min or 1 hr/hex. Permanent 10 item, 100/hex PI
R123 Control Weather Regular Shamanistic 8 hr Special 10 WS, in trance
CM102 Create Person Regular Silver Fir 12 hr Permanent 300 Shape Plant, 2 spells from all Trees
T20 Create Chimera/TL* Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent 20/embryo Analyze Genetics; Alter Body or Genetics (Genetic Engineering)-12+
CN87 Create Needler * Enchantment Necromantic 1 min per inch diameter Permanent 10 per inch diameter 10 point UB, campaign dependant 
T20 Curse Virus/TL Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent Special Spellprocessor #
R123 Curse Regular Shamanistic 2 sec Permanent 3 WS, in trance
R123 Death Vision Regular Shamanistic 15 min Instant 2 WS, in trance
T18 Delete Commercials/TL Regular Communication, Technology (Machine) 1 sec Instant 2 TL7+
DI147 Delusion Reg./R-IQ Mind  5 sec 1 hr 5/2 M2, Daze
R110 Desecrate Special Cleric 1 min or 30 min/hex Permanent 10 item, 100/hex PI
CM100 Detect Gesa Information/R-IQ Hazel 1 hr Instant 8 Identify Spell and 8 Hazel spells
T21 Detonate Regular Fire 10 sec Instant 3 Ignite Fire, Shape Plastic
T24 Disruption Bolt Missile Light and Darkness 1 to 3 sec Instant 1 to 3 Spectrum Vision, any 6 spells from Light and Darkness or Technological (Radiation)
R123 Divination Information Shamanistic 1 hr Instant 8 Death Vision, in trance
T22 Ease Labor Regular Healing 6 sec 1 hr 4/2 Lend Health, Resist Pain
T20 Electric Power/TL Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent Special Lend Power, Power, Steal Power
T38 Elemental Plumbing Reg./R-Higher of ST or IQ Water 2 sec 1 hr Special/s Control Water Elemental
CM102 Enchant Druid Wand Enchantment Silver Fir 1 hr Permanent Special Enchant, spell to be incorporated in wand
DI142 Englebert's Enhancer  Regular Food 10 sec Permanent Special Sense Life, Purify Water
DI144 Eringyas' Surprising Bouquet Regular Illusion 1 sec 8 min 1/1 none
T17 Ether Static/TL Area Air  1 sec 1 min (1/20) /h Purify Signal, Static Charge
R111 Excommunicate Regular Cleric Ceremony, min 10 min Permanent 15 PI
R124 Exorcism Reg./R-spirit's IQ Shamanistic 3 hr Permanent 6 Summon Spirit, in trance
R111 Final Rest Regular Cleric Ceremony, min 10 min Permanent 20 PI
DI144 Fresnel's Wonderful Concentrator Regular Illusion 1 wk # 8 hours 20/2 M2
T25 Game Addict Regular Mind 1 sec 1 hr 3/1 Charm
BT76 Grave Mist Regular Air, Necromantic 2 sec Instant 5 Body of Air
T34 Guide Missile/TL Regular Technology (Machine) 1 sec 1 min 2/1 Machine Control and any Seek spell
T22 Guns to Butter Regular Food 2 sec Instant 6 # Create Food, Reshape
T26 Hail of Lead Regular Movement 1 sec 2 # Haste, Immediate Action
R124 Healing Regular Shamanistic 10 min Instant 1 to 3 WS, in trance
T27 Hellspawn Reg./R-mother's IQ Necromantic 5 sec Permanent 20 Permanent Possession, Summon Demon
T21 Hig-Explosive Fireball Missile Fire 1 to 4 sec Instant 10 to 40 Explosive Fireball, TL7+
R124 History Information Shamanistic Special Instant Special Seeker, in trance
T26 Homing Missile Special Movement Special Special 3 # IQ13+, Seeker, appropriate missile spell(s)
T30 Hotshot/TL Regular Technology(Energy) 2 sec Instant 1 per lb, min 2 Create Fuel, Know Recipe
T19 Identify Caller/TL Information/R-IQ# Communication 1 sec Instant 3 Mind Reading, Seek Number
T25 Immediate Action Blocking Making and Breaking 1 sec Instant 3 Apportation or Find Weakness
T24 Infrared Flash Regular Light and Darkness 2 sec Instant 4 Flash, Colors
T24 Invisible Sunbolt Missile Light and Darkness 1 to 3 sec Instant 2 to 6 M3, Spectrum Vision, Sunbolt
EG94 Know True Name Regular/ R-Will+4 1 hour Instant 5, one attempt only Aura, Trance
R108 Lead Worship Special Cleric Ceremony, min 10 min Permanent None PI
PM 26 Ley 


Regular Ley 5 sec 1 min 4/2 M, Sense Leys
PM27 Ley Telekinesis* Regular Ley 5 sec 5 min 4/4 # M2, Sense Leys
PM27 Ley Flight Regular Ley 5 sec 10 min 4/2 M, Sense Leys
UN43 Lich* Enchantment Necromantic, Enchantment Special Permanent Special M3, IQ13+, Enchant, Soul Jar, Zombie
T35 Mad Machine Regular Technology (Machine) 1 min Until exorcised 10 Machine Control, either Animation or Summon Demon
T26 Magic Bullet Regular Movement 1 sec Instant 2 per extra target Poltergeist
T19 Magic Switchboard/TL Regular Communication 1 sec Instant 4 # Identify Caller
T21 Mana Warhead/TL Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent Special Curse Missile, #
T28 Manipulate DNA * Regular Technology (Biotech) 5 min 1 wk 8 M2, Analyze Genetics, Apportation, Small Vision
T21 Mass Detonate Area Fire 1 min  Instant 5 Detonate
UN41 Mass Zombie* Area Necromantic (radius) min Permanent 7 Zombie, and two levels of Strong Will or Charisma
DI147 Mass Hibernation Area/R-Special Mind 1 min Special Special M3, Sense Life, Mass Sleep
DI140 Morphic Tweaking* Spec./R-HT Animal, Body 10 sec Special 8, cannot be maintained M2, Beast-Soother, Sense Life, Foolishness
UN72 Mummy's Curse Regular Necromantic 1 sec Permanent # 3 Curse, Pestilence, caster must be mummy
DI146 Mystic Feedback Spec./R-Special Meta 2 sec Instant 4 M2, Persuasion
DI148 Narrative Manipulation* Spec./R-Special Mind 5 sec 5 min 6/3 M, Persuasion, Bravery, 10 other spells
T23 Necrovision  Regular Knowledge 4 sec 1 hr 2/1 Lightning, Seek Emitter
EG95  Not Allowing the Heart To Speak The Truth Regular 1 hour Permanent 5 Coming Forth By Day
R111  Oath Regular Cleric Ceremony, min 10 min Permanent min 10 PI
DI146 Octagram Special # Meta 5/hex sec Permanent# 10/hex # none
T18 Partial Mechamorphosis Reg./R-IQ Body 10 sec 1 hr Special M2, Alter Body, Machine Control, TL7+
T38 Particle Beam* Missile Technology (Radiation) 1 to 3 sec  Instant 5 to 15 M2, Lightning, Radiation Jet
R124 Pestilence Regular Shamanistic 30 min Permanent # 6 Healing, in trance
T27 Prismatic Mist Area Protection 2 sec 1 min 2/1 Mystic Mist, Sand Jet
T33 Program/TL Regular Technology (Machine) 5 sec Special 10 # Machine Speech-17+ or machine Control-17+, Scribe-17+
T30 Purify Power/TL Regular Technology(Energy) 1 sec 1 min 2/1 #
T17 Purify Signal/TL Regular Air 1 sec  1 min# 2/1 Purify Air, TL6+
DI149 Quondum's Attractive Point Special/R-Special Movement 5 sec 10  Special M2, Apportation
CM97 Reanimate Head Spec./R-IQ Rowan 1 hr Special 30 # 3 Rowan Spells
T26 Reduce Recoil Regular Movement 1 sec 1 min Special Apportation
R124 Remove Curse Regular Shamanistic 10 hr Permanent 10 Bless, in trance
T22 Remove Fetus Reg./R-mother's HT Healing 3 sec Instant 3 Ease Labor, Minor Healing
DI150  Rite of Ashkent Special Necromantic 8 min Special 16 M, Octogram, Wizard Training
T17 Seek Emitter/TL Information Air 1 sec Instant 2 TL6+
T18 Seek Number/TL Information Communication, Knowledge 1 sec Instant 3 # M, TL6+
R125 Seeker Information Shamanistic 30 min Instant 3 # Summon Spirit, in trance
PM26 Sense Leys Information Ley 3 sec 1 min 2/1 none
T22 Sense Disease Information; Area Healing 1 sec Instant (½) min 1 Sense Life
R125 Sense Spirit Information; Area Shamanistic 1 sec Instant 1 WS
T28 Sequence DNA* Information Technology (Biotech) 5 min 1 wk 6 M2, Genomancy
T21 Shaped-Charge Fireball Missile Fire 1 to 6 sec Instant 5 to 30 M, Fireball, Shape Metal
UN42 Skull Spirit Regular Necromantic 1 sec 24 hours # 20 Four Necromantic
T20 Soulburner Gestalt* Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent 6000 # Powerstone, Soul Jar, Zombie
T19 Speed Data/TL Regular Communication 2 sec 1 min Special/h TL7+; Haste or Lightning
T21 Spell Targeting Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent Special Accuracy, Spectrum Vision
T20 Spellgraft* Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent Special Create Chimera or Wish
T19 Spellprocessor Enchantment Enchantment --  Permanent 500 Scroll, Computer Programming-15+
R125 Spirit Trap Reg./R-spirit's IQ Shamanistic 1 hr Permanent # 6 Summon Spirit, in trance
BT77 Spirit Fire Regular Fire, Necromantic 3 sec 10 min 5/2 Body of Flames
DI144 Spolt's Forthright Respirator Reg./R-HT Healing 5 sec Instant 3 none
T27 Spoof Sensor Reg./R-sensor's scan-3 Protection 1 sec 1 min 4/2 Blind Sensor
T17 Static Charge Regular Air 1 sec Special 1 Purify Air, one other Air spell
T26 Steady Hand Regular Movement 1 sec 1 min 1/1
EG96 Steal The Heart* Reg./R-Special 1 hour Instant 10 Malefice, Steal Health
R125 Summon Spirit Information/R-spirit's IQ Shamanistic 2 hr 1 min 6/4 Sense Spirit, Death Vision, in trance
UN39 Summon Spirit Information Necromantic 5 min 1 min 20/10 # Either M2, Death Vision Or World Sight
R112 Summon Allied Entity Special Cleric Ceremony, min 5 min Until task complete Special PI
DI142 Summon Technician Imp Special Enchantment 1 min Permanent Special IQ 12+, Engineering (Magical) 13+
DI141 Sumpjumper's Incendiary Surprise Area Elemental Fire 10 sec 1 min 3/2 M2, Fireball, five other Fire spells
DI142 Suspend Time* Special Area Gate Special Special Special M3, Enchant, Curse, 40 other spells
RU95 Swallowing Soil Reg./R-IQ Earth 2 sec Instant 4 M, Shape Earth 14+
DI147 Tap Narrative Power* Special Meta  5 sec Instant 2 M2, Enchant, Narrative Manipulation
T23 Televisomancy Information Knowledge 1 min Instant 10 M, 6 Technology spells or Electronics Operations (Communications) 15 +
T22 Transfer Pregnancy Reg./R-HT Healing 1 sec Instant 4 or 8 # M2, Remove Fetus
FB110 Tupilak* Enchantment Enchantment 2 weeks Permanent Special Enchant, Animation, Animal Control (each type of animal in tupilak), possibly Seeker
T35 Upgrade Computer/TL Regular Technology (Machine) 1 sec 10 min Special/s Inscribe, Repair, either Schematic or Electronics (Computers)-15+
EG97 Ushabti Enchantment 1 day Permanent 100 Coming Forth By Day, Golem
T20 Video Entity/TL Enchantment Enchantment --  Special Special Create Animal, Create Warrior
T28 Volume Control  Regular Sound 2 sec 1 min 2/1 Great Voice
UN44 Wraith* Enchantment/R-HT Necromantic, Enchantment Special Permanent 500 # M3, IQ13+, Enchant, Halt Aging, Soul Jar
T18 Wrong Number/TL Regular Communication 4 sec 1 hr 2/1 TL6+, Sense Foes or Seek Number
UN41 Zombie Reg Necromantic 1 min Permanent 8 # Summon Spirit, Lend Health

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