New GURPS Spells
Many of which have either not been play-tested fully or are not yet in their final form.

Temporary Enchantment (Enchantment)

This spell lets the enchanter create magic items that will function only a certain number of times before losing their enchantment. The energy savings is substantial for a low number of uses, but reduces as the number of uses increases.
The cost to temporarily enchant an item is a percentage of the normal enchantment cost, and can be derived from the formula [P = Uses / (Uses + 6)]. Thus, the cost to enchant an item for only one use is 1/7, or 14%, of the normal enchantment cost. The cost to enchant an item for 50 uses is 50/56, or 89%, of the normal enchantment cost.
Temporary Enchantment is used in place of the Enchant spell, and is otherwise identical to that spell. However, Temporary Enchantment cannot be used with any spells from the Enchantment college or Meta- Spell college except the following: Speed, Power, Hex, Limit, Name, Link. It can never be used to reduce the cost of enchantments that are already limited (e.g., Skull Spirit).

Duration: Until the item's uses have run out.
Cost and time: Determined by the specific spell and the number of uses.
Prerequisites: Enchant.

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