Demonic/Planar Servant

Demonic/Planar Servant is a powerful spell, allowing the mage to summon a creature and make it their servant for a full day. The summoning is very similar to normal demon summoning or planar summons, in that the caster must control the creature. The contest of skills is caster's spell skill + will, versus the creature's ST + IQ. If the creature loses, then it must be the servant of the caster for a full day. The caster gets +4 to the roll if he knows the creature's name.

The Planar Servant is cast, a minor creature from another plane will be summoned. If the Demonic Servant is cast, then a minor demon, with -6 on all randomly generated attributes and powers, just as on page 87 of the Grimoire.

If a planar servant is summoned, the GM must decide which plane it is from. Then, s/he should roll randomly for Size and Speed on the Demon summoning tables, page 83 of the Grimoire, and subtract six from each roll. When it comes to Special abilities, the GM should again roll randomly, subtracting six from the die roll, and then decide if the special ability is applicable. If it is not, they should simply change it to something similar, but closer to the planes genre.

The summoned servant will stay for one full day, and then disappear unless the spell is maintained.

Duration: One full day
Cost: 20.
Time to cast: 5 minutes
Prerequisites: Create Servant, Summon Demon for Demonic Servant, or Planar Summons for Planar Servant.
Item: Unknown. There are tales of a necklace and matching collar, of which the collar is locked around the demon's neck. The technique for making such an item is still unknown

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