125 points

ST 11/25 (50 points, sencond number is for lower body only, racial default is 12/24)
DX +2 (20 pts)
HT +1 (10 Points)
Acure Hearing +2 (4 points)
Alertness +1 (5 points)
Claws - really sharp hooves (20 points),
DR +2 (6 points)
Perfect Balance (15 points)
Very Thick Skull, DR+10 (5 points). *
4 legs (5 points).

Inconventent Size (-15 points)
Bad Temper (-10 pts)
Code of Honor - Malataur Warrior's Code (-10 pts)
Reputation -2, as wicked head-huntering savages (-10 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)

Racial Learn Skills:
Brawling at DX+1 (2 pts)
Bow at DX (4 pts)
Climbing at DX+3 (8 points)
Stealth at DX +2 (4 pts)
Survival, Mountains at IQ (2 pts)
Tournament Law/Dueling Code at IQ (2 pts)
Tracking at IQ (2 points)
Traps at IQ (2 points)

Racial Skill Bonuses:
Bow +1 (4 pts)
Sling +1 (2 pts)
Tracking +1 (2 points)

Please note: Malataurs also gain a +1 bonuse on Climbing skill from the Perfect Balance advantage.

Racial Quirks:
Prefers to eat only meat. (-1 pt)
Prfers attacking from a distance (-1)
Taking the heads of victims as trophies (-1)
Loves to hunt (-1 pt)

* Please note that Malataurs skulls have DR+12.

Determine height normally, then subtract 1 foot; weight is four times normal for Strength before subtracting.

Although, many Malataur bands are very primitive, Malataurs PCs are not required to have the primitive disadvantage as there are Malataurs that live near "civilized" lands and so it is the player that should decide if he wishes his Malataur to be "Civilized" or "Primitive."

Malataurs are a deviant species of centaur resembling a cross between mountain goat and man. Males of the species have great spiraling horns; females, a pair of small, sharp horns. Though not especially swift, they are sure-footed climbers, capable of traversing rough and mountainous terrain with little difficulty.

They roam temperate mountainous terrain, hunting mountain goats, antelope, elk, moose and deer as well as other animals. They have their own language, which is a Mental/Average skill. They are of average intelligence, and are excellent trackers and guides.

Malataurs may be encountered in hunting (or raiding) parties of 4-24 males, the females usually being left behind to care for their young. Aside from the race of men, Malataurs are one of the few races who will hunt purely for sport. Most Malataurs are wicked creatures with little respect for other forms of life, often taking the heads of their victims as trophies.

Thought they are not known as great craftsmen, some Malataurs are able to make shortbows of very fine quality. The males are skilled archers and can shoot equally well from a stationary position or at a full gallop. They are skilled trackers and they are also very skilled setting all sorts of snares, some of which are very inventive.

In combat and hunting, Malataur prefer fighting at long range, using either a short bow or javelin. At close range, they will resort to hand held weapons if such items are available. If not they will either head-butt their opponents or kick them with their front or rear hooves which are quite sharp (two attacks on brawling skill, damage is 1d6 cutting).

If hunting is extremely poor, Malataurs bands have been known to turn bandits or raiders and will rob victims of treasure, usuable weapons and any magical paraphenalia. Items which they cannot immediately use are usually discarded or hidden in secret forrest caches to be fenced later. Sometimes such Malataur bands have been know to engage in a little sport, giving their victims an hours head start and then "hunting" them down. If the victim is able to elude the Malataur hunters till night fall, the Malataurs will break off the chase and toast the hunted as worthy to live.


Although they can eat just about anything, by choice Mataaurs are almost pure carnivore. Unless the hunting has been very poor, their feasts will have little plant matter, and true warriors will wash down their food with fresh blood-wine.


Malataurs are nomads, wandering from place to place, they eternally are squabbling with one band or another, uniting only to hunt (or war upon) extremely dangerous foes. Leadership is rule by the toughtest; the warriors duel and the one able to defeat all others lead them.

Male Malataurs are considered an adult when they have successfully hunted. THeir lifespan seems to be about the same as humans. They do not marry and in general the males and females in a band will mate with each other as they please. The young are cared for by all the females, and most often the young do not know who their parents are, and the parents to do seem to keep track of thier offspring either, but to the Malataurs, this is not very important, the individual is judged by his own actions, and all the members of his band are considered as close family.

Matataur females are not according the same status as the males, they are not normally allowed to fight or hunt. The females are taught to fight and survive on their own, but in warfare they are usually left to protect the young and the camp.

All male Malataur follow their Code of the Duel to settle differences; a ritualized combat of charging heat-butts with an involved scoring system (necessary skills are part of the racial template). This duel requires two witnesses, and replaces any sort of court system for conflicts. Sometimes these head-butting contests last for hours. The chash of their butts sounding like thunder.

Being a warrior society, and having a natural talent for projectiles, all Malataur have ranged weapon skill(s). Popular among females are shortbows, darts, slings, and Throwing Stars. Males prefer shortbows and javelin.

Malataur bands usually have an old Shaman who knows a little healing magic and how to "doctor." While being useful to a band of Malataurs, shamans are not considered to be as important to the band as are the hunter/warriors. Shaman are tolerated, but as a rule, they very little influence and are usually considered a bit touched, or even mad, and so are not completely trusted or very much liked. Most Malataur shaman have an unhappy, young apprentice Malataur that has the gift (or "curse") of magery, who would must rather be out hunting and fightning with his friends. Many such youths run off and join other bands of Malataur before their training is anywhere near completed. So it is very common for Malataur Shamans to learn only a very few spells. Often when such a "run-away shaman" is too old to hunt, he will be forced to resume his role as a shaman after all.

Male personal names are nicknames that have stuck while on the hunt and could include such as "Deer-Hunter," "Bear-Slayer" "Elk-Killer" "Blood-Arrow" "Head-Taker" "Throat-Cutter" "Sure-Shot" "Long-Shot" Female are given nicknames by the males such as "Fat-Cook," "Sharp-Tougue," "Talks-Alot" "Big-Momma" or "Little-Treasure"

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