0 Points

Damage Resistance, 1 level (6 pts)
Fearlessness, 2 levels (4 pts)
Fur (4 pts)

Code of Honor - Wolfling Customs (-10 pts)

Racial Quirks:

Chauvinistic (-1)
Imaginative (-1 pt)
Proud (-1 pt)
Responsive (-1 pt)

Determine height and weight normally. Just as their name suggests, they look like humanoid wolves. Their body is covered in fur that is usually dark and/or light gray in color, but rare individuals might have white or brown or black fur. Hazel, brown and green eyes are very common, however rare individuals have been seen with golden, black, gray and even silver eyes.

One of the greatest threats to human domination of the world is the Wolfling Empire. Once lost to bickering and warring against each other, the wolfling were considered to be witless buffoons much like Orcs. However, since of the unification of the thirteen tribes 500 years ago, they have proven themselves to be clever, inventive, adaptive and ferocious warriors. The wolfling are incredibly well organized, disciplined and just.

Wolflings are not like many of the more chaotic races that wander about in loose-knit tribal societies. Wolflings are civilized with cities, culture and laws. They are very similar to humans in that they are inventive, social creatures who have farms, forts, villages, cities, merchants, diplomats, soldiers, nobles and a strong empire. They follow laws, rules, regulations and codes of conduct that most humans can respect and understand. They are not inherently cruel or evil simply because they are the enemies of humans. Wolflings are simply another race, another people trying to carve their place into the Adarian world. They believe that the Iskar and the Adarian humans have had their chance for global empire and lost it and now it is their turn.

Much like during the early days of the Adarian Empire, the wolfling are building a reputation for strength, loyalty and military might. Like the Adarians, the wolflings are masters of diplomacy and subterfuge, offering aid and assistance to any kingdom, nation or people (including humans) who request it. Treaties, pacts and alliances complete the transaction that the wolflings will fill to the letter. If the other party breaks such an agreement, they are crushed or bullied into submission. More than one former wolfling "ally" has been conquered and annexed by following such a policy.

The ultimate goal of the Wolfling Empire is to conquer the world, and unite all the intelligent races under one global government. Of course that government would be organized, led and enforced by wolflingkind. Already the word has spread that the wolflings do not destroy their conquered enemies. They enslave only those who resist, and rebuild enemy cities destroyed in battle. They protect and provide for all the people they rule, allowing them representation in local courts and governmental matters and allowing them to openly practice their religious faiths, as long as they are not subversive to wolfling rule and conquest. And so the Wolfling Empire continues to expand and prosper.

Needless to say, nearly all humans are completely opposed to submitting to the wolflings, no matter how generous their rule. This has provoked a number of lengthy minor border wars between the Wolfling and Adarian Empires with no decisive victory for either side.

One advantage the Adarian Empire and their allies have had in the past was is their superiority in quality metal arms and armor. Yet, even now the arms advantage dwindles as wolflings become more adept at working metals. To compound matters, wolfling and dwarven alliances have grown much stronger in the last one hundred years or so, as the hard-pressed dwarves have found trustworthy allies against the Orcs. With the dwarves producing the best armor and arms in the world, their wolfling allies are happy to pay well for dwarven arms and equipment.

Another advantages the Adarians over the wolflings is they have so far dominated the waters with powerful, well-trained fleets. While the wolfling have had no seaworthy vessels at all up to now, there are rumors there is a major policy change and that the wolflings have long range plans of fleet building and securing naval allies.

Wolfling foot soldiers are trained to perfection. Combined with honor, dedication and a burning goal of proving they are the best soldiers in the world, the Wolfling Legions are a force respected and feared. Assaults against human villages, forts and strongholds along the Adarian-Wolfling Border have increased sharply in the last few years. Thus far the wolflings have directed their strongest attacks in areas far from the seacoast where humans are at their weakest.

So far a major war between the Adarian and Wolfling Empires has not broken out, but border incidents have been getting larger, bloodier and more common in recent years. Such campaigns generally have very limited local objectives and so far neither side has felt strong enough to declare war upon the other being content to test the other's strength and responses.

The wolflings control/dominate an immense land area, perhaps only second to the Adarian Empire in size. It is said that it takes a minimum of eight weeks of hard riding to cross the Wolfling Empire from east to west and half as long to cross it from north to south. Foreigners are usually limited to the large wolfling border cities where a Wolfling Legion is stationed.

Wolfling and Adarians humans are sworn enemies destined to a confrontation that is likely to change the face of the world. Although wolflings disapprove of the cruel, dishonorable races like Orcs, Ogres and Trolls, all of whom are considered barbarous by wolflings, they realized early their value as allies against a common foe, humanity. Wolflings often enlist the services of these non-humans as mercenaries. Easily impressed by the wolflings' strength and military might, these non-humans become willing pawns in the war against humanity.

The wolflings have commanded upwards of a thousand of these non-human scoundrels at a time, but they have not been very successful in uniting or controlling greater numbers of these chaotic creatures at a time, group too many together and they begin either fighting amongst themselves or with their overlords.

The possibly of a large Orc, Ogre, Troll or Daog army under wolfling command and control is a very real threat. If the wolfling are ever able to unite these races under the wolfling banner, as they did their own race, they could become a power that even the Adarian humans with their allies, (dwarf, elf, gnome, kat etc) might not be able to repel.

In response to the wolflings use of non-humans in the last fifty years it has began recruiting and enlisting limited numbers of Orcs, ogres, trolls, daogs and other foreign and non-humans into the Adarian Foreign Legions which are usually stationed on the Adarian-Wolfling border. Many point to the Adarian Foreign Legion and say that its existence proves the decline of the Adarian Empire is complete.

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