PC Races

Squats (Point Cost: +23 or +18)

These are identical in appearance and personality with the Dwarfs of the Warhammer World. Squats come from what are called the Squat Homeworlds. They love technical gadgetry in whatever shape or form. Maximum Height 4'6" feet tall.

Advantages: +2 ST (+20). Fatigue +2 (+20). DR +1 (+3). Gadgetry I (+25). Alcohol Tolerance (+5). Improved G-Tolerance I (+5)

Disadvantages: Greed (-15). Miserliness (-10). Reduced Move -1 (-5). Odious Personal Habits (either "Dosent Wash" or "Foul Mouth" or both) (-5/-10). Intolrence (Orks -5). Dwarfism (-15).

Ratlings (Point Cost: 10)

Ratlings are identical in appearance to the Halflings of the Warhammer World, but think about food rather less than them. They are determined little people and are recruited into Imperial armies as sharpshooters as they are crack shots. Unfortunately they care little for electronics and machinery. Maximum height is 3 feet.

Advantages: DX +1 (+10). HT +1 (+10). Silence (+5). Sharpshooter (+45).

Disadvantages: ST -3 (-20) Gluttony (-5). Reduced Move -1 (-5). Dwarfism (-15). Kleptomania (-15)

Imperial Ogryns (Point Cost: 8)

The Imperium makes great use of these massive, and ugly, humanoids. Ogryns come from harsh often cold worlds with high gravity and little natural life. They have adapted by increasing their bodyweight to survive the cold, and their bodies have become accustomed to long periods of starvation and protracted darkness. Together with an increase in size Ogryns have undergone a steady decrease in intelligence and mental agility. The Technomagi and Geneticists of the Adeptus Mechanicus have increased the Imperial Ogryns intellect so that they can at least obey orders and use some technological weapons; something that would be impossible for their much bigger cousins. With this increase in intellect Imperial Ogryns are somewhat smaller than normal creatures of their type but are still very big. Males stand 2.10m to 2.70m tall; all Imperial Ogryns are male because if there were females in Ogryn regiments there would be mayhem!

Advantages: Gain Strength +6 (+70). Gain Health +1 (+10). Extra Hitpoints +7 (+7). DR 1 (+3). sharp teeth (+5). Hard to kill (+5). Butting Horns (+5). Iron Hands (+15).

Disadvantages: Lose IQ-4 (-30).. Lose Dexterity -3 (-20). Uneducated(-5). Inconvenient size (-10). Hideous appearance (-20). Reputation (4). Slavering monster (-20 points).

Quirks: Imperial Ogryns only want to fire the loudest weapons and never consider using the 'boring' and 'pathetic' laser weapons (-1).

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