80 Points

ST +5/+10 (90 pts)

Acute Taste/Smell, 3 levels (6 pts)
Claws (30 pts)
Collected (5 pts)
Damage Resistance, 1 level (12 pts)
Fearlessness, 2 levels (4 pts)
Fur (4 pts)
Single-Minded (5 pts)
Versatile Imagination (5 pts)

Chummy (-5 pts)
Code of Honor - Viking (-10 pts)
Curious (-5 pts)
Increased Life Support, 3 levels (-30 pts)
Inconvenient Size (-10 pts)
Selfish (-5 pts)
Sense of Duty - To twist the sprit of the law to its extreme (-10 pts)
Stubbornness (-5 pts)

Racial Quirks:

Fiercely Individualistic (-1)

Ursalun males are on average 9 feet tall with an average weight of 600 pounds. Ursalun females are somewhat smaller, their average height is 8 feet tall and average weight is 450 pounds.

Ursaluns are massive, fur-covered, bear-like creatures with very pronounced muzzles and high, intelligent brows. Their thick pelt ranges in color from golden brown to reddish to black. Hands and feet have five digits each with long sharp claws. Ursaluns have great physical strength, and move with remarkable agility despite their bulk. Their deep bass voices are capable of almost deafening volume.

Ursaluns have enormous, omnivorous appetites. They are very seldom clothed, often wearing no more than a harness for there two handed axes their preferred weapon.

The Ursaluns have developed their culture up to a preindustrial, agricultural level with a barter economy.

Ursaluns are extremely good-humored, friendly beings, given to celebration and fellowship, boasting, boisterous games and wagers and practical jokes. They are essentially peaceful and will take pains to avoid unnecessary conflict. Those duels and blood feuds that do occur result from their Code of Honor that requires the Ursalun to immediately redress any personal insult.

Fiercely individualistic, they nonetheless have a rigidly defined set of laws and codes governing their lives, administered by clan elders. Paradoxically, while the Ursaluns are devoted to the letter of the law, they feel it is their duty to twist the spirit to the extreme. This unspoken flexibility of the Code is responsible for the stability of the Ursalun society.

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