100 Points

ST +5/+10 (90 pts)
IQ -1 (-10 pts)

Arms have a 3 hex reach (40 pts)
Damage Resistance, 5 level (30 pts)
Faerie Empathy (10 pts)
Speak with Plants (15 pts)

Bad Sight (-25 pts)
Inconvenient Size (-10 pts)
Loner (-5 pts)
Reduced Move, 2 levels (-10 pts)
Sense of Duty to Nature (-15 pts)
Slow Eater (-5 pts)
Stubbornness (-5 pts)

Determine height and weight normally, then double height. Weight remains the same. Treants or Tree Folk are a strange and very magical race. They grow as normal hardwood trees, but being exposed to high mana or strong magically aspected area, Treants develop intelligence and the ability to pull their roots out of the ground and walk around. As they evolve they develop two long strong branches that they use as arms with thin long fingered hands. Their roots form into crude legs that allow them to move around a bit slowly.

Treants have what is effectively a normal lifespan as a Treant, but at the point where they would die from aging they return to their normal tree form and live out the tree's natural lifespan as would a normal tree. The spirit or soul of the treant is still in the heart of the tree during this time. Those who can speak with plants may still be able to speak with the spirit of the former Treant if desired.

Treants may drink and while they like clean fresh water, they also enjoy a good wine or even stronger brew. There are rumors that Treants make a home-made wine that has the side-effect of causing most humanoid races that fail a HT roll grow from 4 - 9 inches. This is a once only effect, it either happens the first time the character sips Treant wine or it will never happen to that character.

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