150 Points

ST +0/+10 (56 pts)

Amphibious (10 pts)
6 Extra Arms, 8 arms total (60 pts)
Longer Arms (each arm is 2 hexes in length, 80 pts)
Extra Flexibility (10 pts)
Constriction attack (15 pts)
Regrowth (40 pts)
Super Swimming, 1 level (10 pts)

Appearance - Ugly (-10 pts)
Bloodlust (-10 pts)
Callous (-6 pts)
Cold Blooded (-10 pts)
Edgy (-5 pts)
Fragile (-20 pts)
Inconvenient Shape (-10 pts)
Invertebrate (-20 pts)
Racial Reputation -2 as cold-blooded, merciless foes (-10 pts)
Self-Centered (-10 pts)
Short Lifespan (-25 pts)

Racial Quirk:

Prefer eating their food raw (-1)

Brawling at DX +2 (4 pts)

A Squidian is a foot shorter than a human is of the same strength when standing upright, but when laying down Squidian are two feet longer. Weight is the same as a human of the same strength.

Based upon the idea of a race of "humanoid" Squid, this race has not yet been used by a PC, but will likely make an appearance in the Adarian Campaign at some future date as an NPC race to test out. Wish I could have gotten the ink jet attack, but the arms were so expensive and I have already loaded them down with a lot of disadvantages. Maybe will make an Jet Ink attack an optional advantage for these fellows...

This race is still under major construction and may end up somewhat different than what is currently posted, or maybe not, as they are these fellows would become the campaign's best grapplers and in-close fighters.

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