145 points

ST -1 (-10 points)
DX +2 (20 points)
HT -1 (-10 points)

Acute Taste and Smell +3 (6 points)
Attractive +1 (5 points)
Mystical Awareness of magic use, magic items, spirits, et cetera (10 points, reduced from the standard 15)
Passive Defense +6 (150 points)
Super Flight (20 points)
Winged Flight (30 points)

Cannot Harm Innocents (-10 points)
Curious (-5 points)
Fragile (-20 points)
Inconvenient Size disadvantage (-15 points)
Sense of Duty to Nature (-10 points)
Short Attention Span (-10 points)
Xenophilic (-5 points)

Exuberance (-1 point)

Sprites have the Flight skill at DX by default (0 points)

Sprites are small attractive humanoids with wings similar to a dragonfly. They average 36" tall and their average weight is 50 lbs. They prefer flying and hovering to standing and walking. In warm weather the females prefer to wear light flowing summer dresses and fly about bare foot. They often wear flower garlins with colorful ribbons flowing down their backs. Generally hair is worn long. Hair color and complexion are both in the human range and most of the Sprites of an area will appear very similiar in complexion and hair coloring as the local humans.

Sprites are very hard to hit, they have a mystical "sense" of where attacks directed against them are going to land and are usually able to avoid most attacks.

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