75 Points

ST +4 (45 pts)
DX +4 (45 pts)

Alertness, 2 level (10 pts)
Damage Resistance, 1 level (6 pts)
Fearlessness, 2 level (4 pts)
Fur (4 pts)

Appearance - Ugly (-10 pts)
Bloodlust (-10 pts)
Bad Temper (-10 pts)
Chummy (-5 pts)
Overconfidence (-10 pts)
Paranoid (-10 pts)
Self-Centered (-10 pts)
Racial Reputation -2 either as dirty, brutal, long haired savages or as smart, sneakly, merciless, uncivilized foes (-10 pts)

Racially Learned Skills:

Ax/Mace at DX (2 pts)
Brawling at DX +2 (4 pts)
Stealth at DX (2 pts)
Traps at IQ +1 (4 pts)

Racial Skill Bonus:

Stealth +4 (24 pts)

Shaggies are 6" taller and weight 30 lbs. more than a human of their strength. Their fur is long and unkept. Colors range from a golden brown to reddish to black. Some fight with crude stone axes and wooden clubs, others fight with fine or very fine axes and/or maces.

Little is known about the Shaggies, except that often ambush effectively and usually attack from concealment, they prefer hit and run attacks, but often can be caught before they get away as they have a habit of stopping to make sure wounded and dead foes are dead. No one is known to have survived a visit to their villages, although a few have been attacked and destroyed. They do take captives, but for what purpose no one is sure.

A race of wild men, some believe them to be primitive savages, while others believe that they an intelligent, crafty and somewhat insane foe. The truth is perhaps a little of both.

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