70 points

IQ +1 (10 points)
DX +3 (30 points)

Combat Reflexes (15 points)
Dark Vision (25 points)
Magical Aptitude, 2 levels (25 points)
Shadow Form (p 65 Compendium I): up to Light Encumbrance in objects could be picked up and turned into {and used!} in shadow form. Switching forms cost 1 fatigue and takes 1 second (60 points)
Unaging (15 points)

Bloodlust (-10 points)
Code of Honor, Shadow Dweller (a favor given is a favor earned; Clan/Family secrets are exactly that; a comrade in arms is worth dying for, -10 points)
Fanaticism: For the Shadow Dweller Race (-15 points)
Increased Life Support (requires twice as much food and water as a normal human, -10 points)
Sense of Duty: to maintain racial secrets (-10 points) Racial Enemy: beings and races opposed to Chaos and Shadow Dwellers OR Shadow Dwellers (on a 6 or less, -20)
Racial Reputation: -4 (as Shadow Dwellers - fanatical Chaotic beings, -20)
Unhealing (p. 106 Compendium I): cannot heal naturally unless in shadow form; may still be healed by potions, spells, and other magical effects (-20 points)
Unusual Biochemistry (p. 106 Compendium I): normal drugs, chemicals, and magical potions may have odd effects on Dwellers (-5 points)

Stealth at DX (2 points)
Tactics at IQ (4 points)

Acrobatics +1 (4 points)
Dance +1 (2 points)

Shadow Healing at IQ + M -1 Only works on beings (including self) in shadow form. Inactive until Shadow Form is purchased. (2 points)
Illusion Disguise at IQ + M - 1 (2 points)
Darkness at IQ + M - 1 (2 points)
Hide at IQ + M - 1 (2 points)

The following is appropriate for a Dweller’s personal advantages/disadvantages, but while common, are not required:
Taking a Lord or Lady of Chaos as a Patron.
Intolerance: all races.
Individual Reputation.


Shadow Form: 60 points.

The character can become a two-dimensional shadow (costing one point of fatigue, and taking one second to accomplish). In shadow from, he can slip along walls or floors at his normal move, but cannot walk through three-dimensional space (must always slide along an object). The character can slide through the smallest crack, as long as it is long enough for the shoulders to fit through. He can also defy gravity, creeping up walls and onto ceilings at half his normal Move.

When changing into shadow form, no more than Light Encumbrance may be taken along; however, while in shadow form, items can be covered by shadow and changed into shadow-stuff (to be handled by the character).

Additionally notes for while in shadow form:

The character’s armor is still as effective as when in normal form.
Physicial attacks against the character do half damage.
Enery attacks do normal damage.
Light-based attacks do 50% more damage.
Mental attacks do normal damage.
The character can use magic normally.
The character can attack a normal foe's shadow (causing normal damage).
If the character "dives" into a normal shadow, he becomes effectively invisible to any who do not have Dark Vision.

Unhealing: -20 points.

The character does not normally regenerate injury at all, and gets no daily HT roll to recover lost Hits. However, natural healing is available in shadow form.

Unusual Biochemistry: -5 points.

The character’s biochemistry, while still enabling him to subsist on human food and water, is different enough from a human’s to the extent that drugs and magical potions that work on humans may have reduced or unpredictable effects.

When a drug or potion is used by the character, roll a d6:

1-3: Drug or potion has normal effect.

4-5: It has its normal effect combined with an additional negative effect (for example: loses 1d Fatigue from sickness and/or nausea), or at the GM's option, any negative side-effect of the drug is enhanced.

6: The drug or potion has no effect at all. Drugs and potions can be made to affect the character’s biochemistry, but they will cost 10 times the normal price.


The Shadow Dwellers’ oldest name is the "Brecht Tll’th Shadwe," an elven phrase which translates loosely to, "Dancers within the Shadow." Besides "Shadow Dwellers" members of this race are also commonly referred to as the "Dwellers in the Dark" and "The Elf-Bane." Their name for themselves is "The People."

Shadow Dwellers (or just Dwellers) are tall, lean humanoids (determine height normally and add 2" to height, weight is 15 lbs lighter than normal for their strength), which resemble a half-elf or thin human. They usually have angular features with ears that are slightly swept back. Their hair and eye color can be any found in humanity, but is not limited to such, and may include striking color combinations (with raven-black or platinum-blonde hair being the most prominent). Their complexions are often pale or a muted color (off-white or grey), but may include other variants (golden or olive). Generally their hair is worn long and straight, often in pony tails down their backs. Some males sport facial hair (awalys kept short and neatly trimmed) while most do not.

Dwellers move with a lithe grace, fluid and quick; their balance and coordination are remarkable and will often be noticed by members of other races. The one aspect of culture in which they excel is the art of dance. The dances of the Dwellers are mesmerizing, and the graceful movements appear almost supernatural in quality and complexity. It is one of the few mediums where self expression and individuality is encouraged. But their dance too has a higher purpose, as they are all martial art students and their dance is also to condition and exercise.


Running parallel to the elven race, the Dwellers are one of the most ancient races in existence, but unlike their sylvan counterparts, the Dwellers are a pragmatic race, to the point of excess. Their culture is focused on practicality in battle, and all elements within are indicative of such.

Beauty to a Dweller is in the throws of battle; art is in the torn battlefield and song is in the cry of a fallen enemy. The constructs of Dweller society are very utilitarian; everything serves a purpose other than the aesthetic (more often than not, strategic).

Stylistically, they sport a gothic flare, with muted and dark coloring, flowing stonework, gargoyles and similar dark personifications, and other such qualities. However, no aspect is without some emphasis on warfare. Structures are built solid, with dark coloring limiting visibility, and many shadows to allow unseen lurkers. Paintings and artwork depict battles and teach of the legacy of the race. Songs tell of epics, and teach further generations about the strategies of those before them, and the weaknesses of opposing races. Philosophy dwells on the purpose of the race, and how best to complete the destruction of their enemies.

In personal combat and warfare in general Dweller tactics are to hit hard from ambush (if possible) with overpowering force, take the objective and then fade into shadows. In war hit and run raids, what could be called "terrorist attacks" and targeting command and control are all primary objectives of the Dweller plans. So sucessful have they been that for several thousand years the race has remained hidden and forgotten, while they have regrouped and prepared. Those who get to near their strongholds disappear, their bodies being found a great distance away, apparently killed by some local menace...


The Dwellers are believed to have been created by the Lords of Chaos themselves as a counter to the Elven races. Like the elves, the Dwellers have long lifespans, but where the elves serve light and nature, the Dwellers serve darkness and shadow. Many consider them a very evil race as the Dweller's racial objectives are war, conquest and the enslavement of the other races. In the dim past in the War of Creation and the Chaos Wars which followed it, between the Gods and the Court of Chaos the Dwellers fought long and well and for much of the time they were considered the Champions of Chaos, but as the Gods created shorter lived races such as humans who could reproduce more quickly and faster than the elves of the Dweller, the Courts of Chaos followed suit and created their own shorter lived races such as the Orcs to counter the humans...the Dwellers became less and less important to the Cause of the Courts of Chaos. They Dwellers, seeing their position and power getting weaker, decided to withdraw from the wars and brooded.

Over the course of many centuries the Dwellers have discovered that by breeding with particuliary talented and beautiful humans that the offspring, a Half Shadow Dweller starts out being a perfectly normal human baby. At puberty the Shadow Dweller genes become active and the child begins to gain some of the restrictions and abilities of their Shadow Dweller parent (In gaming terms they become Half Dwellers buying the racial package). Once this process begings, one of three things will happen:

1) - The Human - Shadow Dweller changes are rejected by the body and it causes a long, lingering and painful death.

2) - Some changes take place, but not all the abilities and restrictions of the Shadow Dwellers are gained (In game terms, the player buys the Half Shadow Dweller Racial Package, but does not ever buy the additional advantages and disadvantages to become a full Shadow Dweller).

3) - The Half Shadow Dweller slowly gains all of the abilities of a Shadow Dweller, in time becoming a full fledged Shadow Dweller.

It is generally unknown what percentage of how many Half Shadow Dwellers fall into each of the three above groups. In fact the total number of Half Shadow Dwellers are unknown, as is the race itself and for the matter the Shadow Dweller is believed by most to be an extint race. Some believe they become demons or always were demons..."Demon Shadow Dwellers" were often the way they were described...there may even be some truth to that description.


To play either a Dweller or Half Dweller, the player should be aware that the Dwellers have launched their plot to increase their numbers many years ago and while most Dwellers know of it, a great many if not all of the Half Dwellers do not. Half Dwellers are watched and sometimes aided as they are observed growing into their powers. Information about who and what they are will be revealed (often slowly) by their Dweller guardian(s). Secret patron, secret ally and perhaps secret enemy are all very possible for Half Dwellers.

Any who attempt to reveal the Dweller secrets and the Half Dweller program will have an instant and powerful enemy which is hard to combat effectively. The Dwellers will seek to destroy such an individual and all whom could have learned or who might attempt to learn of their plans.

It should also be noted that the Dwellers will take unwilling individuals into their breeding program and are not above rape, kidnapping and both real and imagined torture to make the sure the human parent raises the child. Only the Half Shadows who become full Shadow Dwellers will be accepted into the Shadow Dweller fold and even they will be watched for a great many years before they will be fully trusted. Those Half Dwellers who become full Dwellers and reject their Dweller heitage are hunted down and destroyed for fear they might reproduce and beget a race of Shadow Dwellers opposed to Shadow Dweller goals, such a possibility concerns and frightens the Dwellers and frightened Dwellers are the worst enemy a character could have, they would stop at nothing to destory such an individual.

It should also be noted that only Full Dwellers are able to pass along the Dweller gene that produces offspring that might become Shadow Dwellers. Those Half Dwellers that have children, even those who turn into full Dwellers later will have normal human children, although often giantism or dwarvish or albinoism or other such effects are more common in the children ofHalf Dweller human, Half Dweller-Half Dweller unions. If the Half Dweller reporoduces with members of other races, the Half Dweller is considered human for all purposes of parantage for the a Half Dwell and an Elf would have in effect a Half Elf child, a Dweller and an Orc, a Half Orc child and so on...

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