(35 points)

ST+2 (20 points)
DX+3 (30 points)
HT+1 (10 points)
Ugly -2 (-10 points)
Horns (Sharp but small) (5 points)
Enhanced Move (running) x2 (20 points)
Animal Empathy (5 points)
Musical Ability +2 (2 points)
Vegetarian (herbivore) (-5 points)
Reputation -4 (-20 points)
Odious Personal Habits (-10 points)
Alcoholism (-15 points)
Lecherousness (-15 points)
Like to cause trouble (-1 points)
Love mountains (-1 points)
Prefer "hairy" mates (-1 points)
Musical Instrument (Syrinx) at IQ+3 (5 points)
Magery 1 (Mind Control Spells only) (10 points)
Fear at IQ (2 points)
Panic at IQ (2 points)
Terror at IQ (2 points)

The Boisterous Satyrs are not the graceful, woodland creatures fauns are. In fact, they are very different. They do love nature, but they also are wild, drunken partiers who often cause disasters just by their lack of restraint. They are often sexually motivated, and outright rude to those of their own gender, while "making the moves" on a member of the opposite sex.

Physically, they are human sized, very muscular and hairy. Their upper bodies are human, and their lower bodies are that of a goat, although they do walk upright. They have tails, and either brown or black fur. The hair on their upper bodies usually matches the same colour as that on their lower bodies. They have two short but sharp horns on their heads, and pointed ears like an elf.

As for clothing, satyrs rarely wear any. They are natural creatures, and have no taboos against nudity.

Unlike the herding Fauns, they usually stay on their own, surviving as best they can in an alcoholic haze. They either live near townships or build stills, regardless, they always need to be around alcohol. They live in mountainous regions, occasionally moving to the forests, but usually living in caves. Although they love the mountains, they often move away from them, for reasons of love (or sex) or alcohol, but they never stop missing the mountains. While in the forests, some find love with tree nymphs (Dryads and other sorts, male and female) and even manage to settle down their lecherous urges for monogamy. Some even fight off their alcoholism, but this is rare, and most often they are very old before they muster the strength to do it.

The Satyr is known for the beautiful music they can play on their Syrinxes. They are very musical people, and often master four or five instruments apiece.

Satyrs are fluent in Common and Elven, but have no specific language of their own. They do have a few secret calls, like a warning call, that are undecipherable to human ears. They can understand the FaunŐs calls as well.

People often dislike Satyrs, for obvious reasons. Apart from being ugly, bizarre creatures, they are lecherous and drunks, and have a penchant for causing trouble. Wherever a Satyr goes, it is likely that some disaster will follow, especially as the Satyr races into the woods to safety.

Religion of the Satyrs

Satyrs follow their diety Pan, God of sexual desire, wild nature, and panic. They donŐt have Clerics, but all Satyrs worship Pan equally, in a non-heirarchial religion. The religion is simple, and Pan is universally worshipped by drunkards.

Music of the Satyrs

Satyrs are very talented in music, and every Satyr knows how to play the Syrinx, a "Pan-Flute."

Through their music, they have an innate form of magic. They play music, and through it they cast certain spells. They may only take spells from the Mind Control College. These usually manifest themselves as a hollow whistling through the trees that causes panic in animals and humans.

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