(Also known as BIG FOOT)

100 Points

ST+6 (70 pts)
IQ-4 (-30 pts)

Alertness. +4 (20 pts)
DR +5 (30 pts)
PD +3 (75 pts)

Appearance Unattractive (-5 points)
Hide Bound (-5 pts)
Illiteracy (-5 pts)
Non-Icognographic (-10 pts)
Odious Racial Habit: Eats other sentients (-15 pts)
Primitive, -3 TLs (-15 pts)
Reclusive (-10 pts)
Short Attention Span (-10 pts)
Short Lifespan, 2 levels (-20 pts)

Sasquaatch are illiterate, have absolutely no Mathematical Ability or Magery, and no language skills over 8.

Bad Temper, Berserk and Gluttony are all appropriate disadvantages for members of this shy, combative race.

They are mature at nine years; they are considered old at 27 and must begin rolling for attribute loss every 6 months. At 39, they roll every 3 months; at 50, every month.

The average size of a Sasquaatch is seven feet for males, 6 1/2 for females. Average weight is 450 pounds. However, they are not stocky, like a gorilla, but rangy and muscular. The body is covered with reddish, dark brown or black hair; the skin is medium brown. The forehead is low and sloping, but the jaw is very heavy, with pronounced canine teeth and incisors. The arms are long and the hands are strong. Their feet are huge, usually between 2 feet and 30 inches long.

Sasquaatch is an omnivore, but has a distinct taste for raw meat. A messy eater, Sasquaatch consumes everything but bones and offal, and cracks the bones for their marrow. These creatures also eat their own dead!

Sasquaatch is a tool user, although its only tools are crude clubs of wood and bone; it does not work stone. It hunts by chasing down herd animals or smaller primates; it can run after a victim and smash it with the club, or just walk tirelessly after it until the prey collapses from exhaustion. The Sasquaatch can throw stones to knock prey out of trees, and may carry one for the purpose, but does not understand the concept of "container," so depends mainly on what missiles it can find.

A tribe of Sasquaatch may number anywhere from four to a few dozen. Males hunt cooperatively. When they move into new territory, their first target will be the other humanoids who might compete with them for game. "Peaceful coexistence" is not in their vocabulary; they will kill and eat their competitors, treating females and young as especially tasty tidbits.

They will take prisoners, but only in order to eat them later. A lone Sasquaatch might be captured and subdued, or a young one raised by another species, but a tribe of Sasquaatch makes for very dangerous neighbors.

Sasquaatch are not commonly encountered as they prefer to remain hidden. It is possible for a party traveling through Sasquaatch territory to be totally ignored by the Sasquaatch…provided that the party neither hunt nor camp too close to Sasquaatch hunting grounds. There have been many sighting of Sasquaatch, with the Sasquaatch usually content to run off unless threatened.

Sasquaatch prefer forrested hilly or mountainous terrain far from other races and if left alone are content to hunt and breed in peace, ignoring other races. They do breed fast and often and when their hunting area can no longer support them they will move on to better hunting areas, attempting to take new hunting grounds. They will attempt to kill or drive off any who oppose their move.

In the Campaign

Perhaps of more use as a monstrous, hairy primitive NPC race of a jungle or glaciated area, they also could be used as a vicious "lost race" discovered by adventurers exploring the dark ruins of a cursed city.

A Sasquaatch PC or NPC could be the dependent or ally of a party member, raised from a cub, and therefore have a Status of -3 or so. A druid type mage with a big footed, hairy bodyguard perhaps…

Playing a character whom thinks that Ogres have formidable intellects and are mysterious geniuses is not for the faint of heart.

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