(-50 points)

DX +1 [10]
IQ -3 (-25)
HT +1 [10]

Bite, Cutting [10]
Dark Vision [25]
DR +2 [6]
Peripheral Vision [10]
Short Claws [5]

Color Blindness [-10]
Illiteracy [-5]
One Eye [-15]
Poverty: Dead Broke [-25]
Primitive (TL 0) [-30]
Social Stigma: Animal [-15]

Racial Quirk: Shy (-1 point)

Status is no better than -3 with respect to non-salakar. The salakar language is M/E (for mammals) but cannot be learned beyond level 8. Salakars may learn no other languages beyond this level, either.

A salakar is a mammal vaguely resembling a large cat with ape-like features and could easily be mistaken for a normal, if unusually clever, animal. It can walk on its two hind legs but normally moves on all four limbs. Its fur ranges from light to dark tan with black or dark blue vertical stripes. A salakar has a single multi-lensed eye, much like an insect's. It has difficulty distinguishing colors, but has a very wide field of vision and can see into the infared and ultraviolet spectrums. Speed on two legs is half normal human speed, but is double human speed on all fours. Salakars weigh 55 kg (120 lbs) and stand 1.4 m (4'7") on two legs and 1.1 m (3'7") on all fours. They have a normal human life span of about seventy-two years and female salakar have a litter of 3-5 pups every eight months. It takes about two years for a pup to reach maturity.

Salakar have no written language and their spoken one consists of less than two hundred words, most of them dealing with hunting. They have no personal names, instead using a combination of generic names (Mother, Leader, Hunter, Child, etc.) and pointing. This makes it difficult to refer to individuals who are not present. The language itself is made up of barks and growls, and some body language. What few skills they have are related to hunting and survival. Their society has a structure similar to that of Terran wolves, the pack being lead by an Alpha male (Status +2). Next are other males (Status +1), females (Status 0), pups (Status -1) and outcasts (Status -3).

Pups and pregnant females and will be protected by any means unless such a defense could destroy the pack. Salakar will flee humans unless the pack is near starvation, the females and young are in danger or the salakar greatly outnumber the humans. Their religion consists of little more than respect (and fear) for various nature spirits which manifest themselves in occurrences such as tornados, floods and brush fires (this is an early version of animism). Punishment for infractions against the pack and the spirits ranges from shunning (treating the offender as a non-person for several days) for minor offences to exile (which usually amounts to a death sentence) for severe offences. Outcasts' tails are clipped to half length using a stone axe as a sign to other packs of their status

Salakar prefer temperate forests with a mild climate and few large predators. They are stalking carnivores, but normally feed on small (1-10 kg or 2-20 lb) animals, and usually attack by biting, though sometimes they throw rocks or use short, thick branches as clubs. Salakars hunt in groups, each one containing about 3-4 of the adult males of the pack, plus one or two adolescent pups. A salakar pack wanders over a wide area, averaging 1000 square kilometers (400 square miles), and are very territorial. When a pack become fairly large (over thirty members), some of the younger adult members will leave, forming new packs with those leaving other packs for the same reason. This not only aids in the survival of individual packs, but keeps inbreeding down. Salakar packs do not fight each other, except in extreme situations (a pack encountering an outcast may do as it pleases, however).

Campaign Uses: Salakars will stay away from civilized races (wilder elves and new colonies/settlements being the main exceptions). On the other hand, they may be found inhabiting the ruins of some forgotten city, especially one the party is searching for...PC Salakars might be a challenge.

SF Notes: Salakars are not much different in a sciense fiction setting. Since many scientists place salakars on the borderline between smart animals and protosapients, it would not be hard for various groups and organizations to classify them in whichever way was most beneficial to that group. The party could be given the job of protecting, exterminating or studying them, or perhaps they are the first to make contact. Salakars are strictly NPCs, as they are far too primitive for inclusion in a high-tech party.

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