(45 points.)
DX +2 [20]

Acute Vision, 2 levels (4)
Amphibious [10]
Winged Flight (liimited) [30]
Night Vision [10]

Fragile (Hollow-Boned) [-20]
Racial Reputation -2 as being untrustworthy (-10)
Sense of Duty (to razaqs community) [-15]

Racial Skills:
Flight at DX [8)
Swimming at DX+3 [8]

Note: Razaqs lose fatigue at twice the normal rate when flying.

Razaqs are a small triphibian race originating on a world with 94% surface water orbiting a G2 subdwarf star. They average 1.4m (4'7") in height and 22.5kg (50 lbs) in weight. Razaqs are basically humanoid, with the addition of a prominent head crest running front to back across the skull and leathery wings. The size and color of the crest is important to razaq social and mating encounters, though the distinctions are nearly invisible to non-razaqs. Their skin is smooth, running from light to dark green in color with brown or grey mottling, and the fingers and toes are webbed.

Despite being hollow-boned, razaqs can barely fly under their own power and most often simply glide. They are, however, excellent swimmers and can stay underwater indefinitely, as they have both gills and lungs. The wings do create a slight drag to swimming speed, however, reducing it by 10%. Most senses are comparable to those of humans, though razaqs have good vision in darkness (but not total darkness). Razaqs reproduce much like Terran frogs, with females lay a clutch of fifty to seventy eggs once a year, of which less than ten percent reach adulthood. Eggs hatch about four or five weeks and the tadpole stage lasts another six to eight months.

The razaq's development has been hampered by two major behavior characteristics: paranoia of and compulsive lying to all sapients outside their immediate community, both of which are linked survival traits. The extremely hostile ecology of the razaq's homeworld resulted in competition for food and shelter that was so fierce that only blood relatives were trusted. Everyone and everything else was seen as an enemy. Due to their environment, razaqs live in small communities of ten to forty members, excluding tadpoles. Their society is basically a social democracy, with all members having a voice in the affairs of the community, though older and more experienced members have more influence. The ultimate responsibility of a razaq is to the survival of his community and any member is expected to sacrifice anything (including his or her life) to keep the community safe.

Overall razaq technology is low, but the race is quite intelligent and creative, easily understanding higher technology if given the chance. In addition, they are highly developed in philosophy and organic engineering. Razaqs see their plight as the result of some angry god. Since over the centuries they never found a way to placate him, razaqs assume he can't be appeased and no longer bother to try, resulting in a rather fatalistic outlook. Razaqs are also skilled at adapting their environment to them by growing many things rather than build them.

In all, razaqs culture is somewhat bland and uneventful aside from freak hurricanes, rampaging predators and other communities making war on them. Cultures constantly at war with their environment rarely produce anything that isn't practical, and the razaqs are no exception. Even their language is dull; to aliens, a furious, screaming razaq sounds like he is apologizing. Most names are a combination of grunts and whistles, and descriptive in nature, though razaqs usually adopt human names around non-razaq; an alien trying to pronounce a razaq name sounds like a frog being trodden on.

Campaign Uses: Most fantasy worlds have large coastal swamps or tropical islands, which are both good locations for razaq communities.

SF Notes: Razaqs, if studied on their homeworld, present a nightmare for any xenologist who tries, though some government or organization would probably pay well for the attempt. Of course, being stranded on the planet would be quite an experience... Some razaqs are able to overcome (or at least suppress) their paranoia and compulsive lying. Such individuals make up the bulk of spacefaring razaqs, though most other races still consider them to be untrustworthy. Off-world razaq are popular as philosophers, geneticists and members of scout or survey organizations, which helps exploit their triphibian nature. A razaq in an adventuring party would prove to be an unusual companion.

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