(-55 points)

Typical Ork

Advantages: HT +1 (+10). +2 Extra Hit Points (+10).

Disadvantages: IQ -2 (-15). Bloodlust (-10). Appearance: Monstrous (-25). Intolerance (-10). Repuation -3 (-15)

Quirks: none The Orks are the degenerate descendants of a once-sophisticated spacefaring race. They are brutal and warlike, but retain some of the technological knowledge invented by their forebears. Orks are naturally anarchic and aggressive, fighting constantly amongst themselves as well as against other races. Ork worlds are spread throughout the galaxy in a similar way to those of humans, testifying to a past age of superior technical knowledge.

It is curious that of all the races encountered by Mankind the only one that can be found throughout the galaxy is that of the Orks. Why this should be is a mystery. Some maintain that the Orks are the decayed remnant of a vast galaxy spanning civilisation, others say that they spread from world to world by interstellar spores. No one knows the answer and most likely no one ever will.
Ork Warlords represent a constant and dangerous threat to humanity. Individually they control only a few ships, but there are so many of these petty tyrants that the Imperium is in constant danger from their raids. Their craft are crudely designed and constructed but effective for all that and easily a match for Imperial ships of a similar size.
The Ork's green skin is due to the algae that flows through their blood and also forms part of their digestive system. This algae not only gives the Orks their green colouration, but it also accounts for their strange and extremely durable metabolism. It is true that an Ork head will live on for some time, if severed from its body, and can sometimes be transplanted onto another body altogether.

Physique: Orks are powerfully built, with crooked legs and a shambling, ape-like gait. Their arms are long, so that their huge hands almost reach to the ground. Their faces are brutal with huge teeth and jaws, and their small piggy eyes appear from underneath ugly, overhanging bony ridges. Skin is often greenish or a dark olive brown, and is covered in warts, scars and filth.

Psychological Profile: Most Orks are completely mad and love nothing more than to fire the biggest and loudest guns. They despise humans and hate Squats most of all.

Special Rules: Orks have Night Vision extending up to 10 metres.


The first profile is typical for an Orc, subsequent ones are more powerful and such individuals occupy a high standing in Ork society. The toughest Orks are most likely going to be Bosses, Warbosses, or Warlords, whereas the really wealthy ones are called Nobz.

Ork - Skarboy

Skarboyz sometimes form bands of tough Orks when going into battle or some will lead the weaker Orks into battle. Especially rich Nobz or reputable Warlords will even field whole armies of Skarboyz.

Ork - Ardnut

Ardnutz are amongst the 'ardest of all Orks. They almost always have the title of 'Boss' or 'Big Boss' whereas those that don't will probably certainly be under the thrall of a rich Nob or powerful Warlord.

Ork - Vetrun

Vetruns have seen it all and are the most reputable and most vicious of all Orks. Such individuals are always Big Bosses or Warlords and sometimes rule more than one tribe. They always get the very first pick from any captured booty.


Bad Moons

Orks use their teeth for currency, and as Orks from this clan have teeth that grow the quickest, they are the richest of all Orks. Bad Moons like to display their wealth with expensive technical and highly decorated wargear. They usually have the best wargear and wear the most gaudy clothes preferring a yellow and black pattern.

Blood Axes

The Blood Axes are not trusted by the other clans who usually refer to them as treacherous gits. They will quite happily march off to war alongside the other Orks only to run off when things get tough or swap sides at the last minute. Blood Axes will even trade with humans, which is considered a sure sign of their lack of proper Orky spirit. Blood Axe boyz tend to wear the uniform of the Imperial Guard, albeit the uniforms may not properly fit.


After a battle the Deathskulls descend upon the wreckage to salvage weapons, equipment, clothes and anything else they can use or sell on. They are tremendously good at scrounging, or stealing, and are equally adept at selling the things they find to even the most reluctant of customers. They are notoriously superstitious and often paint their skin blue to bring them luck.

Evil Sunz

The Evil Sunz are attracted to loud noise and fast vehicles, especially bikes. Though this is a common trait for Orks, the Evil Sunz are affected even more so. They constantly tinker with their vehicles trying to get as much speed out of them as possible. They firmly believe that red vehicles go faster than any other types.


The Goffs are the fiercest of all the Orks and the most warlike - which is saying something. They prefer close quarter fighting and have little patience for complex tactics or sophisticated strategy. They believe themselves to be superior to other Orks because they are better fighters.


Snakebites use technology only reluctantly and always feel more comfortable with simple machinery and well established Orky values. They preserve some practises which other Orks have long since abandoned, and shun certain aspects of recently developed technology.


So-called because these Orks are intelligent but at the same time rather eccentric as they tend to live outside 'normal' Ork society. There are four kinds of Oddboy: Mekaniaks, Painboyz, Runtherdz, and Weirdboyz.


Mekaniaks are natural mechanics and innovators. They are responsible for inventing and building most of the bizarre machinery that the Orks use. Mekboyz are obsessed with squeezing more power out of their engines and building bigger and more devastating weaponry. A Mekboy's experimental weapon may well blow up in his face or become the most devastating weapon Ork-kind has ever known. Mekboyz just love taking the risks.


Painboyz are also known as Docs and their chief concerns are surgery and tooth pulling - the latter to pay their usually exorbitant bills as Orks use teeth for currency. When an Ork is really badly injured, if he has lost an arm or leg for example, then he may decide to risk engaging a Painboy to either graft on a new one or fit a mechanical substitute. Orks take very well to transplants, and no-one asks where the donors come from.
Painboyz are completely mad Orks and almost always experiment on their patient without the patient knowing it. Sometimes a Painboy might chop the wrong limb off and replace it with a mechanical limb. In this case the patient might be doubly disappointed as Mek boyz are almost as mad as Painboyz and may find that his new mechanical limb is in fact an experimental version, like Mek Blag's Mk 1 Exploding Leg for example.


Runtherdz raise and train the Gretchin and Snotlings that are a vital part of Ork society. The Gretchin do most of the actual work, especially fetching and carrying, and they outnumber the Orks many times over, Gretchin are also important on the battlefield although the Orks would be reluctant to admit this. Orks are not especially bright and are certainly far too impatient to operate heavy artillery pieces and other massive engines of war so this task is invariably left to specially trained teams of Gretchin.
On the battlefield the Runtherdz keep a close eye on the Gretchin crews, helping them out if they get in trouble and putting them right if they go wrong. Gretchin are prone to become excited and over enthusiastic, which always leads to accidents in which unfortunate loaders are fired out of barrels or caught in whirring cog wheels. Fortunately Runtherdz take great pride in their charges and are always nearby to pull any miscreants out of a machine's gubbins if necessary.


Weirdboyz are the strangest Orks of all, some will say they are more bonkers than the Painboyz which is definitely saying something! Weirdboyz are the closest Orks have to psykers except their powers come from large gatherings of Ork boyz rather than from the warp.
Unsurprisingly, Weirdboyz are reluctant to use their powers and as a result are sometimes bullied into doing so by the accompaniment of a few really tough Orks called Minderz. Sometimes these tough Orks will grab hold of the Weirdboy and fire him like a cannon to unleash all the pent-up Orky psychic energy (see Weirdboy Waaagh Powers for fuller descriptions on Weirdboyz, Warpheadz, and Waaagh Powers).

ORKS, Half-Castes

Half-Orks are the spawn of mixed races, chiefly Humans and Orks. All such creatures are commonly called Half-Orks. Half-Orks work for both Ork warlords and even the Imperium, though they distrust humans a lot more than Orks and tend to choose the former over the latter. They perform a vital role for many Ork warlords in infiltrating Imperial factions and bringing back vital information. Those working for the Imperium in-turn infiltrate Ork society in order to learn any secrets, though they are mostly concerned with Ork naval movements and potential attacks. Sometimes only Half-Ork agents can infiltrate places that not even those of the Officio Assassinorum can penetrate. Imperial agents use power metamorphic drugs to transform their bodies but many Ork strongholds have sniffer squigs that can sniff out even the most foolproof disguises.

Physique: These creatures look like a cross between Humans and Orks. Some have characteristically Orkish heads, whilst others resemble Humans more closely, but maybe have slightly ape-like arms or crooked legs. Appearance is vary variable. Skin and hair colour usually approximate to those of the creature's progenitors.

Psychological Profile: Varies. Half-Orks that live in Ork society behave just as they do, whilst Half-Orks in human society act as humans.


Gretchin are smaller than Orks and nowhere near as strong and fierce, but they are very numerous indeed. Their intense pride in the achievements of their masters inspires them to follow Orks to war. Although the Orks make no attempt to arm or train the Gretchin, they always manage to scrape together enough teeth to buy a few simple weapons so they can join in the fun.
The Orks have little patience with the Gretchin as they inevitably get in the way of the fighting and tend to run away unless they are winning. The Gretchin's enthusiasm is undiminished by their master's attitude and they band together into their own Mobs to emulate the deeds of their big brothers.

Physique: Gretchin are short - most being around four feet in height. Their bodies are bent, twisted and unwashed, and their faces are distorted and leering. Their skin colour varies a great deal, some are pale and greenish, others are almost black.

Psychological Profile: Gretchin tend to be quite childish in their outlook on life. They are cowardly when not in sufficiently large numbers. Otherwise they are cruel and wicked creatures.

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