130 points

ST 40/20 (152 pts) *
DX -2 (-15)
IQ -3 (-20 pts)

Cast Iron Stomach (15 pts)
DR +4 (24 pts)
High Pain Threshold (10 pts)
Hyper Strength (30 pts)
Magic Resistance 4 levels, (8 pts)
Night Vision (10 pts)

Appearance Unattractive (-5 points)
Bad Temper (-10 pts)
Callous (-6 pts)
Confused (-10 pts)
Edgy (-5 pts)
Inconvenient Size (-10 pts)
Non-Icongraphic (-10 pts)
Odious Racial Habit: Eats other sentients (-15 pts)
Racial Reputation -2 as rude, crude and socially unacceptible(-10 pts)
Thought Bound (-5 pts)
Racially Learned Skill:
Brawling at DX (1 pt)
Throwing at DX -2 (1 pt)

* ST 40/20 plus Hyper Strength equals for the cost of 1 Fatigue Point per turn Ogres effectively have ST 60 for deterring their damage, how much they can lift as per the Hyper Strength advantage, but they have 20 Strength for hit points…

Ogres are 8 feet tall and average weight is 400 pounds.

Due to their size and strength, armor and weapons cost at least double.

Ogres are big, foul looking, boisterous and dimwitted. In short, they make perfect warriors. Ogres are the strongest of the known humaniod races and are perhaps the very dumbest. Generally Ogres are rude, crude and socially unacceptible.

Usually Ogres prefer smashing weapons such clubs, fails and morningstars. With their massive Strength, they do not really need the cutting or impaling bonuses.

Ogre War Bar

A favored (and infamous) racial weapon is the Ogre War Bar which is basically a heavy steel bar 6-8 feet in length, it is used with Quarterstaff skill, but is much thicker and heavier than a normal Quarterstaff, weight is around 25-35 pounds. Ogres can use it one handed (at -2 to hit and -2 on damage).

It is extremely hard for races smaller than 8 foot (-4 to skill) and/or 350 pounds (-4 to skill) to use an Ogre War Bar effectively. For example, a two hundred pound 6'4" human would be at -8 to use the Ogre War Bar in combat. Please note that most weapons that attempt to parry an Ogre War Bar will shatter as per the rules regarding parry heavier weapons...Ogre War Bars are widely known for crushing shields as well...Dodging them is the prefered and most advised defense...


One in twenty Ogre females appears as a Very Beautiful Human Female (Drop Unattractive (-5 points), Racial Reputation -2(-10 pts) and Inconvenient Size (-10 pts), add Secret -20 (Being an Ogress and Very Beautiful Appearance 25 points) It cost 160 points to play an Attractive Ogress. A regular Ugly Ogress has the same cost and stats as a male Ogre above.

Ogres in the Campaign

Ogres are some of the strongest and dumbest characters a party of adventures are ever likely to encounter. Ogres may be dumb as dirt, but they are about as dangerous a foe as any PC might care to meet, all it takes is one good solid hit and the Ogre's foe goes down and usually stays down.

Save the Maiden

The party hears about Ogres kidnapping and enslaving human women, by chance the party happen upon an Ogre camp and behold what appears to be a very beautiful human female doing hard physical labor surrounded by a few female ogres, the males are supposed to be out hunting. The twist is either the party "saves" an Ogress who may or may not play along (doing physical labor around camp is so boring after all, and being rescued is so exciting). Another twist might be that the Ogres really are taking female humans captive and enslaving them, perhaps for some special feast or just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Please Note Generally, the info from GURPS Fanasty Folk can be used except where it differs from what is presented above. Adarian Ogres are tough and dangerous foes, even experienced adventurers avoid them when they can, because even with enchanted armor and buff spells, one single solid hit from an Ogre can kill a character out-right. In my humble opinion such a race is needed to keep PC on their toes, and nake certain there are people that the PCs respect if not fear. As PC Ogres are perhaps the best "combat monster" in the game, but they are one of very limited use outside of combat, although creative uses for their strength is possible. Even the most diplomatic of parties needs muscle from time to time when things go bad, and some people (myself included!) enjoy an evening of playing a big dumb brute combat monster...

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