145 points

ST 20/40 (152 points, sencond number is for lower body only, racial default is 20/40)
HT +1 (10 pts)
Acure Hearing +2 (4 points)
Alertness +2 (10 points)
DR +2 (6 points)
Enhanced Movement, 1 level (10 points)
4 legs (5 points).

Inconventent Size (-15 points)
Increased Life Support - Eats 3 times as much as an average human(-20 points)
Phobia: Mild Claustrophobia (-15 points)
Social Stigma - part jackass (-5 points)
Sterile (-3 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)

Racial Learn Skills:
Running at HT (4 point)
Survival - Plains at IQ (2 points)
Teamster at IQ (2 point)

Racial Quirks:
Enjoys carousing (-1)
Never wear anything on their lower bodies (-1)
Whatever their curcumstance, bear their lot with dignity (-1 pt)

Determine height normally, then add 3"; weight is eight times normal for Strength.

Mule-centaurs are crosses between Centaurs and Donataurs. Somewhat uncommon, such individuals combine the best features of both races, but themselves are sterile.

Normally raised either in either Centaur or Donataur culture, Mule-centaurs are generally able to quickly adapt themselves to other culture. Generally young Mule-centures will want to experince both their parents cultures before they decide which (if either) is more comfortable for them.

Mule-centaur on average, a little smaller than their centaur kin, they are of equal strength and of higher intelligence so they are able to live in the wild at least as well as their wilder kin. Some Mule-centaurs even become leaders of particular bands or tribes of centaurs. Some Mule-centaurs hide the fact that they are in fact Mule-centaurs as some individuals (especially those who are raised with the lusty centaurs may feel a certain amount of shame or embarrassment being Sterile and so may decide to keep their true race SECRET). Such an individual may decide to take some of the Centaur racial disadvantages as personal disadvantages to better hide his "secret."

In all other aspects, Mulecentaurs may be considered to have the best of both the centaur and donatuars views, opinions and worldview.

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