Kat Subspecies - 130 points

ST +3 (30 pts), DX +2 (20 pts), IQ +3 (30 pts), Alertness, 2 levels (10 pts), Claws (10 pts), Combat Reflexes (15 pts), DR +2 (10 pts), Cultural Adaptability (25 pts), Night Vision 10 pts), Perfect Balance (15 pts), Sharp Teeth (5 pts) and Status 3 (15 pts).

Compulsive Behavior - Organize and get the job done both efficiently and quickly(-10 pts), Curious (-15), Lecherousness (-15 pts), Short Lifespan (-25 points), and Strong Xenophilia (-15 pts).

Racially Learned Skills: Diplomacy at IQ (4 pts), Savior-Faire at IQ (1 pt), Stealth at DX (2 pts), and Tracking at IQ (2 pts).

Racial Skill Bonuses: Savior-Faire +2 (2 pts), and Stealth +2 (4 pts).

Racial Quirk: Enjoy friendly contests of strength and skill against worthy competitors of any species (-1 pt).

Tigrons are the descendants of the tigers, the nobility of the jungle cats. Tigrons stands as tall as other Kats, usually having orange-colored fur with black stripes, though there are the rare white Tigrons, who are prized by their people. Tigrons possess less strength than the Lionoids; nevertheless, there is a close history between the two subspecies, which binds them all the same.

Tigrons are the closest the Kats have to nobility. The Tigrons carry out many, if not most, of the day-to-day administration of the Kat peoples, freeing their Lionoid brothers to deal with other issues. Tigrons, possess an innate ability to organize and get the job done both efficiently and quickly.

When the Kat Kingdom's government formed, it found that it could not really function without the Tigrons' excellent organizational ability, therefore the Tigrons became popular and were quickly elevated above the Lionoids.

Tigrons are natural-born diplomats, but they have not forgotten their roots, and they enjoy friendly contests of strength and skill against worthy competitors of any species.

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