Kat Subspecies - 80 points

IQ +3 (20 points), DX +2 (20 pts), Alertness, 2 levels (10 pts), Claws (10 pts), Combat Reflexes (15 pts), DR +1 (5 pts), Cultural Adaptability (25 pts), Night Vision 10 pts), Perfect Balance (15 pts), and Sharp Teeth (5 pts).

Curious (-15), Lecherousness (-15 pts), Short Lifespan (-25 points), and Strong Xenophilia (-15 pts).

Racially Learned Skills: Diplomacy at IQ (4 pts), Savior-Faire at IQ (1 pt), Stealth at DX (2 pts), and Tracking at IQ (2 pts).

Racial Skill Bonuses: Savior-Faire +2 (2 pts), and Stealth +2 (4 pts).

Determine height normally, then subtract 12", weight is 5 lbs. heavier than normal for their strength.

The Tabbiri are the descendants of domesticated tabby cats and bear their facial features and much of their characteristics. The Tabbirs usually have tan, gray, black, and orange fur with green eyes being predominant amongst them. They are somewhat shorter than other Kats, being between four and five feet tall.

The fun-loving Tabbiri are the middle class in the Kat Kingdom, although many are laborers and peasants, most Tabbiri are showing their skills as artists, craftsmen, poets, musicians, gourmet chefs, and more, proving their worth as it were. The Tabbiri have always been looked down upon by those Kats descended from the untamed wildcats, and some of that ancient prejudice remains, which is why the Tabbiri usually stick to other Kats descended from domesticated cats.

However, some Tabbiri scholars of late have taken to trying to understand the wilder species of Kats, as they are all one race regardless of ancestry. Tabbiri dominate the academic and artistic communities of the Kats.

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