Kat Subspecies - 130 points ?

ST +3 (30 pts), DX +2 (20 pts), IQ -1 (-10 pts)

Alertness, 2 levels (10 pts), Claws (25 pts), Combat Reflexes (15 pts), DR +1 (5 pts), Cultural Adaptability (25 pts), Hyper Reflexes(? 30 pts), Hyper Strength (30 pts), Night Vision 10 pts), Perfect Balance (15 pts), and Sharp Teeth (5 pts).

Berserker (-10), Curious (-15), Lecherousness (-15 pts), Short Lifespan (-25 points), Thought Bound (-5 pts) and Strong Xenophilia (-15 pts).

Racially Learned Skills: Diplomacy at IQ (4 pts), Savior-Faire at IQ (1 pt), Stealth at DX (2 pts), and Tracking at IQ (2 pts).

Racial Skill Bonuses: Savior-Faire +2 (2 pts), and Stealth +2 (4 pts).

Descended from Saber-tooth tigers, Saberians are the largest and most dangerous of Katkind. Less intelligent than the other Kats, Saberians are the brute labor and the toughs of the Kat Kingdom. In many cultures (including the Kat Kingdom), they end up working as bodyguards and enforcers, content to follow orders and fight whomever or whatever for little or no reason.

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