Kat Subspecies - 125 points

ST +5 (60 pts), DX +2 (20 pts), Alertness, 2 levels (10 pts), Claws (10 pts), Combat Reflexes (15 pts), DR +2 (10 pts), Cultural Adaptability (25 pts), Night Vision (10 pts), Perfect Balance (15 pts), and Sharp Teeth (5 pts).

Code of Honor, Lionond Customs (-10 pts), Curious (-15), Lecherousness (-15 pts), Short Lifespan (-25 points), Strong Xenophilia (-15 pts)and Stubborn (-5).

Racially Learned Skills: Diplomacy at IQ (4 pts), Savior-Faire at IQ (1 pt), Stealth at DX (2 pts), and Tracking at IQ +2(6 pts).

Racial Skill Bonuses: Savior-Faire +2 (2 pts), and Stealth +2 (4 pts).

Determine height normally, then add 1 foot, weight is 5 lbs lighter than normal for their height.

The most regal of Kats, Lionoids are evolved from Lions, the largest and most dangerous of cats. The Lionoids, like all Kats of wildcat descent, stand between 5 and 7 feet tall. Lionoids have the faces, ears, and manes of lions, usually a golden or tawny color, with browns and reds being rare. The Lionoids, male and female, are very muscular and strong. Lionoids retain the most powerful hunting and fighting skills of the Kats as a race, and usually will not hesitate to use these skills on a moment's notice.

The Lionoids are the most aggressive of the Kats species, oftentimes hostile if not downright rude, with little or no apology for their behavior or actions. The Lionoids now serve as protectors of the Kats species, by virtue of both their might and their willingness to use that might.

The Lionoids, although disgusted by the current internal leadership of the Kat Kingdom, are fierce protectors of their people. They are very proud and stubborn, retaining and reviving the ancient traditions of the hunter. They often do not speak to others outside their warrior society, though one of their rituals is known. It is simply called the Hunt. In the Hunt, a Lionoid is placed in the wilderness of the Great Deserts with nothing but their skills and wits, and left to fend for himself or herself for a week. The Lionoid must find, stalk, and kill their own food, and survive with no assistance whatsoever. It is a rite of ascension all Lionoids must take when they reach the age of 13 (Human Equivalent), meant to preserve the ancient traditions of the Lionoids and to discourage what the Lionoids consider the "soft" ways of other Kats.

The Lionoids have a female-oriented culture. Like their ancestors, the wild lions, Lionoid females do a majority of the major tasks. They raise and protect the young, oversee the familial connections that are so important to Lionoids, and often do much of the necessary relating to outside cultures that must be done. The males often do the majority of the heavy physical labor, and obtain the food (though nowadays that usually buying the food at the market, not hunting it). Despite this, neither gender holds a negative or derogatory view of the other; in fact, they seem to respect each other for what they do.

Quite naturally, the Lionoids as the biggest and strongest consider that they themselves should be rulers of the Kats people, but so far they have been unable to convince the other Kats races of this and while there are always a few hot heads willing to take part in a coup, so far they have failed to even gain the support of a majority of their own kind. It is known that the Lionoids find it galling to have themselves shoved aside by the far more delicate, but far more political Omnicats who have become the royality of the Kat Kingdom.

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