Kats Subspecies - 100 points

ST +1 (10 pts), DX +3 (45pts), IQ +3 (30 pts), Alertness, 2 levels (10 pts), Claws (10 pts), Combat Reflexes (15 pts), DR +2 (10 pts), Cultural Adaptability (25 pts), Night Vision 10 pts), Perfect Balance (15 pts), and Sharp Teeth (5 pts).

Curious (-15), Lecherousness (-15 pts), Loners (-5 pts), Reputation as Sneaks and Spies -2 (-10 points), Short Lifespan (-25 points), and Strong Xenophilia (-15 pts).

Racially Learned Skills: Diplomacy at IQ (4 pts), Savior-Faire at IQ (1 pt), Shadowing at IQ +2 (6 points), Stealth at DX (2 pts), and Tracking at IQ +2 (6 pts).

Racial Skill Bonuses: Savior-Faire +2 (2 pts), and Stealth +2 (4 pts).

The Jagara are the descendants of the feared stalker: the jaguar. They have the faces and features of jaguars, usually with jet-black fur and midnight-black eyes. Jagara possess a lean, slender, muscular build, and are quite good at utilizing both speed and strength. The Jagara have retained the ancient stalking and stealth skills of the ancient jaguar and their forebearers.

Jagara are the scouts and spies of the Kats, but the Jagara are not well trusted and tend to keep to themselves.

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