100 points

DX +2 (20 points)
HT +2 (20 points)

DR +6 (18 points)
PD +6 (90 points) *

Acute Vision +3 (6 points)
Combat Reflexes (15 points)
Hyper-Reflexes (15 points)
Tempertolerance 1 level (1 point)

Compulsive Carousing (-5 points)
Gregarios (-10 points)
Impulsive (-10 points)
Inconvient Shape (-15 points)
Odious Racial Habit: Likes to settle differences with fisticuff matches (-10 points)
Overconfidence (-10 points)
Selfish (-5 points)
Short Attention Span (-10 points)
Stubborn (-5 points)
Racial Repupation: As hard drinking, semi-civilized unbeatable brawlers -3 (-15 points)

Racially Learn Skills:
Boxing at DX+2 (8 points)
Brawling at DX+2 (4 points)

Racially Learn Maneuvers:
Kicking at Brawling Skill (2 points)
Tail Sweep Maneuver at Brawling Kicking Brawling skill (1 point)

Racial Quirks:
Unpredictable, they like change and randomess (-1 point)
Never wear armor or use shields (-1 point)
Enjoy life to the fullest (-1 point)
Believe in Swift Justice (-1 point)
Fond of Outrageous Boasting (-1 point)

* - Acording to the "Official GURPS Rules" PD should be 25 points/level which I feel is excessive so in the Adarian Campaign each level of PD costs 15 points/level instead).

Kangas are a race of sentient marsupials. They look like kangaroos with larger more intelligent facial features. Average height is 6 feet 6 inches and 220 pounds for males. Females are 6 inches shorter and 20 pounds ligher on average. Their fur varies in coloration from black, orange, mustard yellow, dark brown, dark red, honey brown to dark indigo. All with a blonde belly and often blonde paws. Their furs are very valuable, and can be tanned and cured to make PD3, DR3 leather armor. This leather is very distinctive, and most unpopular with all Kangas. Ownership of such leather is illegal in many civilized nations.

Due to their unusual shape and the protection of their fur, Kangas rarely wear cloths (execpt in extreme cold weather, and then only a heavy cloak and foot wrappings), their skin and fur is considered equal to normal clothing. Kangas never, ever wear any armor or use shields, trusting in their natural defenses.

Kanga society is very loosely organized, but very entertaining. Kangas enjoy life to the fullest, but despite their reputation, they can knuckle down and accomplish amazing tasks. When perturbed, they are fierce warriors, and can kick with their feet with no penality to skill. They can also do a tail sweep in hand to hand combat, much like a sweeping kick in Karate. Kanga can never learn fencing skill as their shape and stance is not suited for fencing maneuvers. Some learn martial arts, kick boxing being the favored style.

Kangas are rugged individuals, fairly unpredictable, they like change and are great believers in luck, chance and randomess. They are playful and enjoy practical jokes. Very fond of boasting and story telling, they love puns and slap-stick comedy. They are often extremely illogical thinkers, often allowing their emotions to could their thinking and judgements. Kangas should not be expected to conform to the norm, they tend to have very strong opinions and thay are loud and vocal in their views. A bold, blunt and generally honest people, generally Kanga hold serious study and dry humor (and those who practice them) in very low esteem and they are quite willing and able to settle disagreements phisically. If allowed a choice in a formal duel, they will always choose bare-handed fisticuffs.

In Kanga dominated societies, Kangas generally go for a flexible style of government. They usually do not bother consulting any laws, rules or regualtions, instead doing what is right and fair to them. Though many Kanga cultures are feudal in nature, the king usually does not have absolute power, and instead relies on government officials to take over affairs of state when he wants to take vacations. A large informal parliament often helps the King run things.

Kanga justice systems are the model of efficiency (though not always of fairness). Many non-kangas have come to rue the day they were tried (and sentenced) in a Kanga court, and their legal systems have become known as Kanga Rue Courts.

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