Also Known As "Normens" or "Vikings"
25 points

ST +3 (30 points)
HT +3 (30 points)

Code of Honor, Celtic (-10 points)
Compulsive Carousing (-5 points)
Racial Reputation -2 As raiders and pirates (-10 points)
Social Stigma, Barbarian -3 (-15 points)

Axe/mace at DX (2 points)
Broadsword at DX (2 points)
Shield at DX (1 point)

The homeland of the Noerthmen is cold, often snow covered and very mountainous with long coastlands. Along much of the coast are many fords (narrow bays bordered by tall mountains). The mountainous terrain is hard to travel overland so most viking communities are located in coastal areas, although there are some inland settlements on the banks of large rivers.

The Northmen or Normens are a large, hardy race of sailors, fishermen and traders. They load their boats with dried fish and furs to sell with their more civilized southern neigbors. While many are peaceful merchants, many Normen go "Viking" or raiding (including many of their merchants if business is slow) usually against foreign nations and ships, but sometimes against their own kind (although to be fair, they usually limit attacks on each other to rivals and personal and or clan enemies).

On their Viking raids, the Normen plunder boatloads of gold, silver and slaves (whom they call Tralls). The Vikings believe that unless you are able to defend and hold really do not deserve it and whomever takes it is entitled to it.

Their long ship or Dragon ship that they use is a flat bottomed, single square masted oared boat normally with a crew of forty-four. Very sea worthy, it is easily beatched. the stern and prow are high and curved. Often the prow was carved into a dragon or serpent head, while the stern is often carved to look like a tail. Along the sides of the long ships the Vikings hang their large round shields.

Northmen jarls (or chieftains) thought so much of their boats that it was often buried with him. His favorite horse(s), dog(s), slave(s) and much of his treasure were also buried with him, too.

Some Northmen instead opt for a "Viking Funeral." Instead of being buried, their remains and their possessions are loaded abord their boat and are set sail with the setting sun and a flaming torch to burn and sink to the dragon ship to bottom of the sea.

The Northmen are very clanish and usually settle in villages or small towns under a strong jarl. The jarl is advised by a council of advisers. A Jarl's warriors swear to serve him faithfully to the death. Northmen warriors are fatalistic and believe that it is much better to die in battle than in bed. They will attack a foe three times on a given day, and if the third attack fails they believe the Gods are not with them and they will not fight that foe again that day...

Punishment for transgressions is most often by were-guild or fine. Thre more heinous the crime the higher the wereguild. For major crimes, such as Kin "Slaying" a common punishment would be exile form their group, often for 7 years. An exile must bare a White Wolf's Head painted upon his shield during his term of exile. If anyone kills a "Wolf's Head" (as these exiles are known), his kinsmen cannot demand wereguild for his death.

Normen swear their oaths over holy items and oath breakers earn permanent exile if not death by hanging, which is reserved for oath breakers and traitors and is believed to be the worst death imaginable.

It should be noted that Northmen do not consider a written contract binding unless it is sworn to by all particuliars over a holy item. However, even if an oath is sworn under duress it is considered binding. Many Northmen delight in finding ways to psubvert the intent of an oath while keeping the literal wording of the agreement.

Normen warriors distain plate and prefer chainmail (or leather if they cannot afford it). A large leather and wood round shield is standard and they are normally armed with a battle axe with a broadsword as a back up weapon.

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