40 points

ST +3 (30 points)
HT +3 (30 points)

Racial Reputation +2 - As strong, loyal and honorable barbarian warriors (10 points)

Code of Honor, Celtic (-10 points)
Compulsive Carousing (-5 points)
Social Stigma, Barbarian -3 (-15 points)

A hardier variety of the human race are the large kilt-wearing men and women that hail from the cold and rugged northern highland mountain ranges. Highlanders are big, strong, and exceedingly loyal to their famimies and friends. They have a well earned reputation as beiing especially good at armed combat.

Though often referred to as barbarians by the rest of the world, these proud people refer to themselves as the "Highlanders." Because of the harsh environment and their warlike culture, they are mentally better suited to being warriors, and are generally unwashed and rugged - Highlanders take great pride in their clan's lineage. Eating, drinking, and battle are their preferred pastimes. They respect a strong drink, a warm fire and a good tale.

Although the vast majority of highlanders choose the path of the warrior for the great honor that will bring to their clans, some feel the mystical call to serve as a shaman, lending their magical abilities to further their clan's standing, while a few other highlanders take a different routh - highlander rogues are usually loners who have decided to bring their clan honor and wealth through less respectable methods, but like their warrior and shaman breathern, highlander rogues follow their own codes of conduct and normally practice their talents on enemies and those able to defend themselves. Where is the honor of fighting or stealing from the weak or defenseless...?

In the end, highlanders believe achieving honor is what matters, how it is achieved is less important.

No matter their chosen profession, highlanders are a real force to be reckoned with. The very love they have for a fight is what makes them a true danger. By custom highlanders are not asked to be seconds in formal duels as they are very unwilling to come to an honorable agreement and conclusion without blood being sheed and the duel being fought.

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