50 points

ST -2 (-15 points)
IQ +5 (60 points)
HT -2 (-15 points)

Extra Fatigue +5 (15 points)
Eidetic Memory 1 (30 points)
Magery 1 level (15 points)

OPH: superior attitude -10 points
Delusion: Superior to all other races -10 points
Vow - Make an original contribution to their Library of Knowledge (-5 points)
Overconfidence (-10 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)

Height is 6" above normal for their strength while their weight is 10 lbs lighter than normal for their strength. Complexion and hair range from dark brown to black. Silk Robes are prefered.

An Erudite is the exact opposite of a barbarian, the Erudite or "High Man" prides himself on his intellectual abilities and social graces, to the almost total exclusion of the physical disciplines. They pride themselves on being superior to all other races. They believem all obstacles can be overcome with intelligence and wisdom. Pick up a sword? Bah, leave that to the lesser, unsophisticated beasts of the land.

Erudites have very few friends outside their own race. Others find them very hard to associate with. Their snooty attitudes and overblown egos can be said to be the main factors in this. But, only a party of ignorant adventurers would turn an Erudite away from joining them, for their high intelligence and facile use of magic comes in handy, especially when facing a powerful enemy. Clerics, enchanters, necromancers, and wizards, Erudites excel when magic is needed.

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