Wild Halflings

DX +3 (30 pts),
Alertness +1 (5 pts)
High Pain Threshold (10 pts)
Magic Resistance +2 (4 pts)
Silence, 1 level (5 pts)

Inconventent Size (-15 points)
Bad Temper (-10 pts)
Code of Honor - Warrior's Code (-10 pts)
Delusion - All mages are dangerous fools and clerics aren't much better (-5 pts)

Racial Learn Skills:
Brawling at DX+1 (2 pts)
Savoir Faire/Wild Halflings at IQ (1 pt)
Shortsword Sport at DX (2 pts)
Stealth at DX +2 (4 pts)
Survival, Plains or Wooldlands at IQ (2 pts)
Tournament Law/Dueling Code at IQ (2 pts)

Racial Skill Bonuses: Bow +1 (4 pts)
Sling +1 (2 pts)

Racial Quirks: Chauvinistic (-1 pt)
Protect Wild Halfling Youngsters (-1 pt)

It cost 15 points to be a Wild Halfling.

Determine height normally, then divide by 1/2; weight is one normal of Strength before being divided.


A Bit of Background
Barbarian or Wild Halflings live outside civilized lands. They were once normal halflings, but were conquered and enslaved by the mages. Some managed to escape the slave pits and farms, those with some resistance to magic. Natural selection and a harsh new life have altered this race slightly.

Wild Halflings are a rowdy, robust folk with a love of life. They hold great feasts with much merriment and music, feasts that quickly degenerate into either a drunken brawl or a degenerate orgy, depending on the general mood. They distrust outsiders; a Wild Halfling considers clan first, tribe second, the Halfling race third, and others seldom.

Wild Halflings are redoubtable warriors. They are expert cavalrymen on their small ponies, but the elite of their military is the Charioteers. These are usually pulled by huge war-horses, and carry a crew of three halflings, (a driver, with two warriors armed with lances and bows). The lancers and archers on these chariots are experts at their weapons, specializing in pinpoint accuracy during a swift pass. Some chariots have pump-action flame-throwers (for dealing with a necromancer's undead legions). Charioteers have the same status in Wild Halfling society that knights have in human societies.


Wild Halflings are almost pure carnivore. Their feast will have little plant matter, and true warriors will wash their food down with fresh blood -wine.

Wild Halflings mature far more quickly than their more sedate kinsman does; a Wild Halfling is considered an adult at 20. The exact age they begin aging is a bit of a mystery, since few have lived past 50 in their recorded history. Wild Halflings have as many mates as they can afford (males die quickly, so there is no shortage of females).

Wild Halflings are nomads, wandering from place to place, eternally are squabbling one tribe with another, uniting only to fight the hated mages (some mages incidentally still have halfling slaves). Leadership is an elected position; the warriors select the most cunning to lead them. Only those who have made their desire for leadership known are exempt from the choosing.

Wild Halflings females are not according the same status as the males, they are not normally allowed to fight their own duels; their fathers, brothers, husbands or or lovers serve as their champions. The females are taught to fight and survive on their own, but in warfare they are usually left to protect the young and the camp.

They are very protective of their young, few outsiders (and no non-halflings) will even see Wild Halfling youngsters, and anyone who actually draws blood from one of their youngsters, is put to death on the spot.

All Wild Halflings follow the Code of the Duel to settle differences; a ritualized combat with an involved scoring system (necessary skills are part of the racial template). This duel requires two witnesses, and replaces a court system for minor matters.

Being a warrior society, and having a natural talent for projectiles, all Wild Halfling have a ranged weapon skill. Popular among females are darts, slings, and shuriken (they use a different name, Throwing Stars). Males prefer spears (usually with thrower), small crossbows, and compound bows.

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