100 points

ST +3

1 Extra Arm (Tail, with Flexibility; 15 points)
Damage Resistance +6 (24 points)
Flight (Winged -25%, Controlled Gliding -45%, 12 points)
Cutting Claws (25 points)
Super Flight, 1 level (20 points)
Stone Sleep (30 points) *

* Gargoyle return to full health after a day of Stone Sleep; based on the fact it doesn’t help until they wake up, nor while they’re "asleep" estimated its worth at 30 points.

Code of Honor, Gargoyle Customs (-10 points)
Inconvienient Shape (-15 points)
Nocturnal (-10 points)
Pacifisn, Cannot Harm Innocents (-10 points)
Sense of Duty to their Clan and their ‘friends’ (this does vary from clan to clan -10 points).

Brawling at DX (1 points)
Flying at DX (free due to the fact they are a naturally winged race).

Please note that this race is based upon the Disney cartoon series "GARGOYLES" and replaces the official GURPS version of Gargoyals in the Adarian Campaign.

Determine hight and weight normally, however there is a wide variation in Gargoyle shape and size; the GM allows somewhat greater variation in size for a given ST, and also allows ST to be bought somewhat higher than the normal human limit; ST 25-30 as an upper limit is relatively reasonable. There are two types of Gargoyle wings; those that are attached to the back, as per most of the Gargoyles in the Disney series, and those that are attached as ‘bat wings’, between the arm, and the body, with a third ‘arm’ helping manage them.

Due to their claws and wings, armor and weapons have to be specially made and will cost at least double.

What makes the Gargoyles more than combat monsters is their stone sleep and their sense of duty; it explains the reasons why Gargoyles tend to be drawn to human company, and why they act they way they do. Gargoyles come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, but they resemble humans in many ways.

The Gargoyles do not give Names to themselves ordinarily; the humans usually give them to them so they usually end up with nicknames desribing a particuliar physicial feature: "Stone Hand" "Bend Wing," "Long Claws" or "Little Tail" and sometimes over time the nickname will be shortened to sometine like "Stoney" "Bend" "Claw" or "Taily."

Gargoyles are an egg-laying species (with a 20-year reproduction cycle).

To complete the Gargoyle family, there is also a wingless Gargoyle dog (ST 14 DX 11 IQ 6 HT 15/20, and treat it like a weird-looking collie (or your dog of choice) smart, affectionate, fiercely and protective).

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