75 points
Racial Advantages
Cutting Claws (25 points)
Dark Vision (25 points)
Flight, Winged (30 points)
Hard to Kill 2 levels, (10 points)
Lightning (DX, for 1d; see p.CI73, 20 points)
Strong Will +4, 20 points
Patron (varies)
Super Flight (20 points)

Racial Disadvantages
Duty (varies)
Fragile (-20 points)
Inconvenient Shape (-15 points)
Intolerance, regular Gargoyles (-5 pints)
Sense of Duty to Master (-15 points)
Social Stigma -3 (-15 points)
Unusual Biochemistry (-5 points)

They get Flight at DX for being naturally winged; even though the Mutates were human, it seems they took to flight preternaturally fast.

Height is average for their strength, but weight is one-half normal for their height. They are thin, but strong for their weight. Their hair, eyes and complexion can be any that a normal human can be and additionally can be midnight black, stone gray or even dark green haired and pale green complexion, but their skin is scaled upon close inspecion. They have large bat wings that when folded hang down to near the ground.

The total cost to play a Mutate is 75 points, but with no mental disadvantages they have very flexible personalities...after all they were humans and remain mostly human...granted that are very strange looking humans...

This is a created race and is based loosely upon the Disney Cartoon 'Gargoyles.' While not an Evil Race per say they are often used and employed by Xanatos (who in the Adarian World is similiar to his toon counter part, being an extremally rich, powerful amoral and utterly ruthless individual seeking to gain poticial power and influence using whatever means at hand. I made him a foreign merchant prince, very rich with a large network of powerful contacts, but from a fairly humble background).

Anyway Xanatos, in an attempt to obtain some new muscle after the Gargoyles left the Aerie building, hired Dr. Sevarius to genetically engineer a sort of ‘faux Gargoyle’ using humans as a genetic base. The end product combined DNA from panthers (claws, though apparently they aren’t strong enough to Cling), bats (for the wings and flight), and Electric Eels (given the weight of Gargoyles, it was theorized their Stone Sleep let them recharge from the sun to permit flight. In absence of a way to do the same, Sevarius tapped eels.

Their inhuman features (claws, large bat wings and scaled skin) tends to cause the Mutated Gargoyles to be mistaken for demons, which while at times can be used to their overall a major disadvantage...

Please note that this is very rough background and while the racial package can be considered in final form (at least currently I have no plans to change it ;-), the background and campaign information may be modified, changed or whatever depending upon player interest and GM need in my Adarian Campaign...

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