50 points

ST -1 (-10 points)
DX +1 (10 points)
IQ +3 (30 points)
HT -1 (10 points)

Attractive (5 points)
Combat Reflexes (15 points)
Magical Aptitude (15 points)
Musical Ability +2 (2 points)
Unaging (15 points)

Code of Honor (Elegance, -10 points)
Sense of Duty (Nature, -15 points)

Bard at +2 (2 points)
Savoir-Faire +2 (1 point)

High Elves (Koada`Dal)

The high elves are much more intellectual than their woodland kin, and are the "royalty" of the elven races (with the exception of their dark brethren). They share the appearance of their woodland kin, but are taller, thinner, more beautiful, more pale in skin, and much more egotistical.

High elves are very much like the Human Erudites in their belief that manual labor is beneath them. Sweat and dirt do not combine well with the finicky high elf personality. They would rather use magic when muscle is needed. They are a highly intelligent race which bodes well for them since physically they are weaker than average.

Even though high elves consider themselves the royalty of the elven races, they will not hesitate to join parties with other races who lean toward good objectives. They understand that some sacrifices must be made in order to do what they believe is the right thing. Of course, they still will not hesitate to remind others of their own supremacy.


High Elves usually live in large well kept cities deep in old growth forests and prefer to deal directly with other races as they have gotten tired of watching while other races destroy nature. To them, the fight to protect nature is inevitable and there's no specific way to solve the problems of the world but they believe strongly that by spreading high elf thought and their lifestyle is the best way to convert others into adopting a similiar "living in harmony with nature" lifestyle.

Most high elves regard the humans as their natural successors since they can see that as a race the high elves population cannot hope to keep up with either the humans nor the orcs (whom they consider as the two major races most likely to become dominate in the distant (many thousands of years) future. While the high elves have choosen the human race over the orcs, a great many feel that it was choosing the lesser of two evils.

In the distant past a great many high elves decided that rather than meekly accept what fate had in store for their race (the common high elf opinion is that the elven races will one day be surpassed and in time totally destroyed by either the humans or the orcs). The formal policy was to attempt to choose the humans as the successor race whom could be most influenced to adopt the elven ideas and customs.

The radical high elves chose instead a darker course, instead of seeking the goal that elven ideals and customs would survive the race, their thought was better to seek the total distruction of all non-elven races. After these felt strong enough and after gainning a great many converts, the radicals petitioned the High Elven King to adopt their manifesto. The Elf King Ellocke (the first and longest reigning Elven King) and his high council of twelve cast a massive curse upon the radicals that "May these Dark Elves become as dark of skin as they are of heart." It is said that the shock of their transformation caused the hair of the dark elves to turn did King Ellocke's own hair upon learning that his wife whom he loved dearly, had become a dark elf herself. King Ellocke commanded that all the Dark Elves were to be expelled from the High Elven kingdom.

So Queen Faydar gathered together and led the Dark Elves into exile, establishing their culture and customs and seeking the destruction of all non-elven races....although many Dark Elves seek the destruction of all non-Dark Elves...while others hope to one day enslave their elven kinsmen.

The loss of his wife, a third of his subjects and the fights to come with elf fighting and sheding elf blood was too much for King Ellocke, he lost his mind and is said to have killed himself by his own hand while others say a Dark Elf assassin did the deed.

There has followed several thousand years of warfare between high and dark elves...the high elves being dedicated to opposing and defeating the dark elves and have aided and supported the humans against many a dark elf plot.

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