Also Known As "Snow Beards," "Mountain Dwarves" or "Northern Dwarves"
40 points

ST +2 (20 points)
IQ +2 (20 points)

Racial Advantages:
Cool (1 point)
Damage Resistance +1 (3 points)
Extended Lifespan (5 points)
Extra Encumberance (5 points)
Extra Fatigue +2 (10 points)
Longevity (5 points)
Hard to Kill +1 (5 points)
Magery, 1 level (15 points)
Racial Bonus of +4 with all Craft Skills (10 points)
Racial Reputation +1 as suberb craftsmen (5 points)

Racial Disadvantages:
Cannot Swim (-1 point)
Code of Honor (-10 points)
Greed (-15 points)
Intolerance for Orcs (-5 points)
Miserliness (-20 points)
Reduced Move -1 (-5 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)

Racial Quirks:
Attentive (-1 point)
Chauvinistic (-1 point)
Proud (-1 point)
Never Shave Beards (-1 point)
Suspicious of Elves and Goblins (-1 point)
Carry Grudges Forever (-1 point)
Hard worker (-1 point)
Uncongenial (-1 point)
Enjoys hard bargaining (-1 point)

Axe/Mace at DX+1 (4 points)
Merchant at IQ (2 points)

A White Dwarf is 9" shorter than the human average for his strength, but weights 180 lbs. more than a human of the same height. This extra weight is solid muscle and makes White Dwarves too dense to swim.

The White Dwarves are perhaps the most magical of the prolific Dwarf family. In addition to all of the traditional Dwarven expertises (mining, metalworking, etc.) the White Dwarves are extremely expert workers of enchantment creating some of the most powerful and finesest enchanted creations that the world has ever seen.

The White Dwarves are a race of Northern Dwarves, a little taller than the other dwarven races. Hair color is usually white, blonde, light brown or rarely reddish-brown. Eyes are usually blue, gray or green with other colors possible but rarely seen. Complexions range from white to light brown.

In appearance, the White Dwarves have stocky builds, with thier arms and legs slightly longer in proportion to their bodies than a human's. They have little body hair and their arms and legs are very smooth. Males have long bushy beards. Their bodies are too dense to swim. When not in armor, the White Dwarves normally dress in very finely crafted mages robes commonly trimmed in fur and when out of doors long fur cloaks with very fine jewelery, used for decoration.

The White Dwarves are known to be gruff and not to have much patience with fools or those with silly questions. They meet life and death in a matter of facty sort of way. If the end is near and there is no hope, a White Dwarf will calmly make plans to take out as many foes as possible before he falls.

White Dwarves prefer snowy mountain tops or high plains barren wilderness areas where an icy wind blows to call home. Often the enterances to their underground cities are above the snow line on the tallest of mountains. Many White Dwarf towns are surrounded by ice and snow year round.

Since the White Dwarves normally perfer to avoid contact with other races (prefering to deal with other Dwarves given the chance) and generally like to keep to themselves, many nations and races do not even know that the While Dwarves exist. Although there are many a story about a White Dwarf comming down from the mountains on a wintery day offering to trade his goods which are exceptional for a high price....only to disappear and never be heard from again.

Though all White Dwarves have magical ability, they are seldom just mages, much prefering the "craft professions" at which they excel greatly. Normally most White Dwarves specialize in one or two collages of magic and master enchant item and a few other spells so they can craft and enchant items of their prefered craft skill. So for example one White Dwarf might specialize in making very fine jewelery with high level protection spells...while another might specialize in crafting platemail armor with lighten and recover strength enchantments....

While nearly all White Dwarves are able to fight if needed, White Dwarf warriors are usually weapon or armor makers who make and enchant their own armor or weapons. For some reason White Dwarves almost never become rogues or thieves, except for a very few that are also very fine illusionists.

There is little common knowledge about White Dwarves, in many ways they are a mystery race. Even when one runs across a White Dwarf traveling for whaever reason...he will say very little about his homeland or his people...They are typically seen as rude, pugnacious, patronizing and hard barginers by the rest of the world.

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