Also Known As "Flame Beards," "Hill Dwarves" or "Western Dwarves"
40 points

ST +3 (30 points)
IQ +1 (10 points)

Racial Advantages:
Damage Resistance +1 (3 points)
Extended Lifespan (5 points)
Extra Encumberance (5 points)
Extra Fatigue +2 (10 points)
Hard to Kill +2 (10 points)
Longevity (5 points)
Magic Resistance +1 (2 points)
Night Vision (10 points)
Racial Bonus of +4 with all Craft Skills (10 points)
Racial Reputation +1 as suberb craftsmen (5 points)

Racial Disadvantages:
Attentive (-1 point)
Cannot Swim (-1 point)
Chauvinistic (-1 point)
Code of Honor (-10 points)
Greed (-15 points)
Intolerance for Orcs (-5 points)
Miserliness (-20 points)
Reduced Move -1 (-5 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)

Racial Quirks:
Carry Grudges Forever (-1 point)
Hard worker (-1 point)
Never Forget An Insult or Favor (-1 point)
Never Shave Beards (-1 point)
Proud (-1 point)
Suspicious of Elves and Goblins (-1 point)
Respects Master Craftsmen of whatever race (-1 point)
Enjoys hard bargaining (-1 point)

Racially Learned Skill:
Axe/Mace at DX +1 (4 points)
Merchant at IQ (2 points)

A Red Dwarf is one foot shorter than the human average for his strength, but weights 150 lbs. more than a human of the same height. This extra weight is solid muscle and makes Red Dwarves too dense to swim.

Usually when one hears of Dwarves, the talk is of or about the Red Dwarves who are perhaps the most common and well known branch of the prolific Dwarf family. Red Dwarves are extremely expert craftsman, miners and builders. They are gruff, rough around the edges and perhaps a bit more self centered than most members of the other "good" races. Red Dwarves are well known for having...and in full measure...the "Gold Greed" amd "Miserliness" traits which the Dwarven race is usually noted for. However on the plus side, Red Dwarves are known to keep their word once given and to be steady in most situtaions. They never betray a friend or their kin.

Overall, they make better friends than foes. Red Dwarves specialize and strive to become masters of their chosen craft. They seek always to make the perfect example of whatever they are making and if they ever attain what they consider their own personal best, a perfect example of their craft some of their soul is imbued in the item and they will never attempt to make another, either retiring, taking another profession or starting another craft. Some choose to take up adventuring, while others take to bottle.

Of all the Dwarvish Races, the Red Dwarves are perhaps the most willing to deal with and have long lasting, trade and personal relationships with members of other races. That is not to say that they do not prefer their own company and/or to be left alone, because given the choice they generally do, but Red Dwarves see the need to mingle and will deal with others, willing to enter into trade agreements and some even choosing to live amoungst non-dwarves. Generally Dwarves consider few as friends, but once they do, they are normally friends for life.

Please note and remember that Dwarves in general and Red Dwarves in particular strive to be the very best that they can at their choosen craft or profession and they will be working to become a true Master in one skill or craft rather than be some sort of "renaissance man" (or jack of all trades but master of none which is more of an Elven view to life). However not all Red Dwarves take up craft skills, some "specialize" in their non-craft professions, so Red Dwarvish Rogues, Warriors or Mages are not only possible but fairly common and such individuals are usually very skilled in thier area of experise while never bothering to become proficent in other non-craft or professional skills, which helps prehaps to understand why so many Dwarves lack social graces...they prefer spending their time inproving their art or craft rather than "Waste time on such things like knowin' when to bow and when ya should kneel instead? Ain't no matter to anybody but upper class snobs and salad fork salemen says I..."

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