Limited Morph (24 pts)
Winged Flight (30pts)
Sharp Claws (25 pts)
Sharp teeth (5 pts)

Impulsiveness (-10 pts)
Gregarious (-10 pts)
Horizontal (-9 pts)
Xenophilia (-5 pts)
Likes Humans (-1 pt)

Racially Learned Skill:
Flight skill at DX-1 (1 pt)

It costs 50 points to be a Drakekin.


The Drakekin are a race of human-sized dragons able to morph between a draconic and humanoid form. In both forms their eyes have slitted pupils and range in color from yellow to red. There is no doubt what the Drakekin is, even in "man-form." "Man-form" is what the Drakekins prefer to call their humanoid form. Drakekin can fly in either form using a pair of large, batlike wings. In "man-form" their wings are not as large as in their draconic form, but have a similar shape and are fully functional.

In their draconic form, the Drakekin have shiny white scales with black spines running down the back from head to tail and they also have large black claws. They move on all fours when on the ground, and cannot use weapons or armor in this form.

In their "humanoid" form, Drakekins have finely scaled white skin with black claws. They are generally tall and slender with milky white skin and black hair. They can use any weapons or armor that a human could, but prefer lighter items.

Morphing Ability

The Drakekin’s morphing ability developed on their homeworld both as an aid to hunting and a defense from predators. They are capable of transforming up to light encumbrance form one form into the other that is absorbed into the morphed form. For example a Drakekin in "man-form" could morph into "draconic-form" and absorb his light leather armor, sword and shield, the weight is added to the new form as encumbrance and the only way for the Drakekin to retrieve the items is to morph back into the first form. Morphed objects can not remain morphed while the Drakekin is morphing multiple times.


Drakekins inhabit the northern Polar Regions but are not native to the Adarian World. Drakekins came into the Adarian World from their own home world, which was a very cool world with slightly lower gravity and where most (if not all) of the animals were draconic in nature. (Note: This is believed by some learned sages to also be the origin of all draconic life in the Adarian world or at least the higher forms of draconic creatures). The Drakekin sun was a quickly dying blue giant star, threatening their home world with a cold icy death. The Drakekins responded by opening Gates into the arctic region of the Adarian world (and perhaps other gates to other worlds as well), escaping their dying homeworld.

When the Drakekins left, the gateways they created remained open for several thousand years, with many of the creatures of their home world making the move to the Adarian World as well. The Drakekin continued for hundreds of years to travel back and forth between the worlds, mining and looting everything they cold. Several hundred years ago the Gates to the Drakekin homeworld were closed and secured. The current generation of Drakekins know something of their history, but they do not know if there was a reason for the Gates to have been closed, or if it was only because all the resourses of the Drakekin home world were used up and there was no reason to go back.

When they first arrived, the Drakekin remained in the Polar Regions (the cold reminded them of home). They did not believe the rest of the world held anything of interest. About a thousand years ago, a group of Drakekin was blown off course during a storm and ended up in human lands. The first meeting with humans almost ended in disaster, if one of the Drakekin had not shifted into a humanoid form, the humans would have killed them all. As it was, the humans realized they were not dealing with ordinary dragons. The humans befriended the Drakekin and they have remained friendly ever since. Many Drakekin moved away from the Polar Regions and have become involved in human affairs.

A Drakekin is almost never encountered alone. They are usually in the company of several other individuals, most often other Drakekins, and while members of other humanoid species fascinate them, humans hold a special place in the Drakekin heart. Drakekin are really fond of human, enjoy their company and often a Drakekin will leave his kin and take up with a group of humans, adopting them as family. Many Drakekins spend their lives traveling the world, making a living as traders, entertainers, or mercenaries.

Drakekin tend to be spontaneous. It is not unusual for a Drakekin to suddenly decide to move elsewhere after living somewhere for ten years. Drakekins tend to live in the here and now and nor worry overly much about the future or past.

The Drakekin have two sexes, but it is difficult to tell them apart when the Drakekin are in their natural form. In humanoid form they take on the form of their gender. They don't treat males and females any differently in their society. Drakekin have only a loosely knit government. The Drakekin are ruled by a Queen, who travels as much as any normal one does. The Drakekin widely respected their Queen and most would do anything for her, so long as it is reasonable. She does not exercise her power much, usually only in matters threatening the Drakekin as a whole.

Adventure Hooks

The Home World Beacons – The Queen of the Drakekins seeks the party’s aid in a personal matter. Her young daughter seeking adventure opened the Gate to the Home World with the intention of recovering something special to prove her adulthood. She has been missing several days now and her mother the Queen is worried….

Recover an artifact - There is rumored to be an artifact that just might prove useful to the character’s current quest, it was left behind when the Drakekin left their home world.

The Undead World – The party discovers that intelligent undead have moved into the Drakekin homeworld since they do not need heat or light, they have prospered there for untold years, but now they are ready and are making plans to launch a full scale invasion.

A World to Loot – The Drakekin, while enjoying wealth, are not a particularly greedy race, the party may hear rumors that the Drakekins left their Home World in such a hurry, that they left much wealth behind. A bold group of adventurers might well make their fortune if they are skilled enough and lucky enough to recover it. Treasure map points the way to a polar Gate said to lead to the Drakekin homeworld.

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