Dragon (Hatching)

(115 points)

4 Alertness +2
20 Breath Weapon
55 Claws (Swing +2 cutting; Thrust +2 - impaling)
12 DR 4
5 Four Legs
15 Magery 1 level
15 Modified Arm Strength, +3 ST Arms Only
75 PD 3
10 Teeth (Imp dam based on ST)
20 Winged Flight, Cannot Hover, Low Ceiling: cannot fly higher up than 30'

-10 Frightens Animals
-15 Greedy
-15 Inconventent Size
-10 Miserliness
-20 Primitive, TL 0
-10 Racial Enemy - Dragon Hunters, 6 or less
-20 Reputation -4 As greedy, supernatural monsters
-10 Sleepy: 9 months sleep 8-hours a day; 3 months sleep 100% of the time

Racially Learned Skill:
2 Breath Weapon P/A at DX
2 Flight P/A at DX


Each type of Dragon has their own different breath weapon(s).
The basic Dragon 's breath weapon costs 20 points and does d6 damage (modified by breath weapon type, i.e., Fire and Water do d6 base damage, Air and Earth do d6-1 base damage) and has a base range of 3 hexes. It normally costs 3 fatigue for each use and is limited to being used no more than 6 times in a 24-hour period. The fatigue used for the breath weapon is unlike normal fatigue used for spells in that dragon breath fatigue is replacing the fuel that the breath weapons must be use, which is treated as true fatigue and it cannot be regained by trading hit points for fatigue (as is possible with spells).
A Dragon's Breath Weapon is also unlike a spell in that it is not considered or treated as a magicial attack, instead being considered as a mundane form of that particular attack type, so Magic Resistance does not affect a Dragon's Breath Weapon...nor does mana level increase or decrease the cost to use the breath weapon...
The Dragon can improve its Breath Weapon(s) by spending 6 points for each additional level of basic damage done. To extend the range of the breath weapon, it costs 4 points to extend the range of the breath weapon by 1 extra hex of range.
The maximum that a Dragon Hatching can improve his breath weapon is 3 additional levels from the base.
For example, we are building a Dragon hatching character and want him to max out his breath weapon at character creation. We spend 20 points for the Flame Breath Weapon, which does 1d6 damage. We improve damage by 3 levels spending 18 points (i.e. 3 levels x 6 points = 18). We also want maximum range and additionally spend 12 points (i.e. 3 levels x 4 points = 12).
Add 20 (base cost) and 30 (total cost of damage and range improvements), which is 50 and then take away 25% (50 x .25 = 12.5) or 12.5 points (for the limitations) which is 50 - 12.5 = 37.5 points. The final cost for this breath weapon is 37.5 points.
This particular Flame Breath Weapon does 4d6 Fire Damage, has a range of 5 hexes, costs 3 fatigue for each use and may be used 6 times in a 24-hour period. A fearsome breath weapon able to over come all, even knights in enchanted plate...
Breath Weapon skill is P/A but is not like regular skills, in that improving the aim of a breath weapon can only be improved so much, as it is basically projectile vomiting. Maximum skill level a Dragon may have with his Breath Weapon is DX +4. Also note, that points spent on improving the aiming of a Breath Weapon is not reduced as for the limitations on damage and range.
Also note that it is possible to lower (or raise!) the character point cost of the Breath Weapon by raising or lowering the amount of Fatigue it costs to use the Breath Weapon at a rate of -5% per point of fatigue required to use. Default is 3 Fatigue spent per use, a -15% reduction for cost. Minimum cost to use a Breath weapon is 1 fatigue, a -5% reduction. Maximum cost is 10 Fatigue, a -50% reduction. Fatigue Cost and Reduction amount:
3.....-15% (Default)

A Dragon can not raise the number of uses past 6 uses in any 24 hour period, but he could lower the number of times the breath weapon could be used per "day"(reducing the cost). Number of uses per 24 hours and the cost reduction:
3 times....-25%
4 Times....-20%
5 times....-15%
6 Times....-10% (default)

Please note that it is possible to carry this to silly extremes. In the above example, for the 50 point breath weapon, it is possible to reduce the final cost to 5........making it a Breath Weapon doing 4d6 Fire Damage, range 6 hexes, usable only once per day at a cost of 10 fatigue.... (50 - 90% = 5)....but really, why would you want a Dragon who could only use his Breath Weapon once per day...?
Dragon Breath Weapons costs (above) are at the time of character creation. If a player wants to raise a Dragon's breath weapon after play has begun, COSTS ARE DOUBLED for any improvements on damage and range (but this does not count on raising the Dragon Breath aiming skill....).

The following are the Dragon Breath Weapons by type with damage...

Acid: 1d6

The Acid Dragon Breath Weapon can be considered as an improved form of the Acid Jet Spell doing more damage but being basically the same spell.

Fire: 1d6

The Fire Dragon's Breath Weapon can be considered as an improved form of the Fire Jet spell doing more damage but basically being the same as the spell.

Lightning: 1d6-1

The Dragon's Lightning Breath Weapon can basically be treated as a Lightning spell in jet form, and remember that metal armor is treated as PD 0, DR 1 against Lightning!

Earth: 1d6-1

The Earth Breath Weapon can be considered as a much improved form of the Sand Jet spell, as it is super high-pressured dirt that gushes forth which causes knock-back, causes damage and it can be dodged, but not blocked nor parried. In effect, the target is hit by one pound of dirt for every point of damage rolled, which could cause a character to be knocked over or buried alive, but the dirt is loose and would only require a successful ST roll for the character to dig himself out.
In addition to possibly being knocked over and/or buried, if the target is hit, then target must make a HT roll....
If critically failed, the victim is blinded for as many hours as points of damage rolled (not taken).
If the HT roll is failed, victim is blinded for as many seconds as damage is rolled.
Once the victim can see again, he will be at DX -3 for watery eyes for as many rounds as damage taken.
On a successful HT roll, the victim covers his eye for one second and is at a DX -3 penalty for the next round only (due to watery eyes, dust and grit in the air).
On a critical success, the victim's sight is unaffected and the victim takes half damage only.

Water: 1d6-1

The Water Mere-Dragon's Water Breath Weapon can be considered as an improved form of the Water Jet spell, which is like a super high pressured hose that causes knock-back and physical damage. It may be dodged, but not blocked nor parried. In addition to possibly being knocked back and/or down, if hit the victim must make a HT roll with the following results:
If critically failed, the character swallows water and must spend d6 turn vomiting up the water....
If the HT Roll is failed, the victim swallows water and will be at a DX -3 penalty for as many rounds as points of damage taken.
If the roll is successful, the character doesn't swallow water, but is at a DX -3 penalty for the next round due to watery eyes.
On a critical Success, the victim is unaffected by the special effects, taking half damage only.
If used to put out fires, each point of damage rolled would put out one hex of flame.

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