50 points

ST 11/25 (50 points, sencond number is for lower body only, racial default is 12/25)

Acure Hearing +2 (4 points)
Alertness +1 (5 points)
DR +2 (6 points)
Enhanced Movement, 1 level (10 points)
4 legs (5 points).

Inconventent Size (-15 points)
Social Stigma - part jackass (-5 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)
Unaatractive appearance (-5 points)

Racial Learn Skills:
Teamster at IQ (2 point)

Racial Quirks:
Never wear anything on their lower bodies (-1)
Whatever their curcumstance, bear their lot with dignity (-1 pt)

Determine height normally; weight is eight times normal for Strength.

Donkey centaurs are more intelligent than their wilder cousins the centaurs, but lack the centaurs' natural gift for survival in the wild. Conquently they often live amoungst civilized races (such as humans or elves). Some work as migrant farm workers, others take jobs as teamsters, drovers, general laborers, or operate handsome cabs to provide taxi service. Because of their usual lowly station in life, as well as their homely appearance, many races including Centaurs and humans tend to look down upon the Donataurs. The race certainly does not deserve such scorn...they are a good hard working people who bear their lot with dignity.

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