(also known as Caninenoids) 20 Points

ST +2 (20 pts)
DX +2 (20 pts)
IQ -1 (-10 pts)

Alertness +3 (15 pts)
Combat Reflexes (15 pts)
Damage Resistance, 1 level (6 pts)
Fearlessness +4 (8 pts)
Fur (4 pts)
Sensitive (5 pts)
Teeth (10 pts)

Chummy (-5 pts)
Clan Code of Honor (-10 pts)
Selfish (-5)
Sense of Duty to Friends and Companions (-10 pts)
Short Lifespan (-25 pts)
Social Stigma Barbarian (-15 pts)

Racial Quirks:

Dignified, loyal and polite (-1 pt)
Never Forget an Insult or Injury (-1 pt)
Unfriendly to Strangers (-1 pt)

Determine height and weight normally.

The Doags (or Caninenoids) are a race of intelligent, fur-covered bipeds, dog like in appearance. Their hands have four fingers and an opposable thumb each digit tipped with a sharp fingernail that is usually black. Their fur comes in many different colors, but dark brown, tan and black are the most common.

The Daogs are very clannish and do not trust those they consider outsiders. Outsiders include everyone outside of the Daogs own clan, personal friends and anyone the Daog doesn't consider a pack mate (i.e., party member). A Doag is willing to accept members of other races as pack mates and friends once they have proved themselves as trust worthy.

When two Daogs from different clans meet, they will usually end up fighting a duel in order to prove which is the best warrior present and by extension whose clan is best. Normally these duels last until one or the other yields, but unless one is so out-classed he has no chance, the duel usually goes on until someone is unable to continue. While not intentional, death can result from such a duel. The winner of the duel gains honor for himself and his clan, and very possibly a personal enemy as well.

Many clans of Daogs war with one another. In general, this is good-natured and usually the killing is kept to a minimum. Most of the clan warfare is cattle rustling and bride stealing, with the chance of gaining a little honor and loot as well as a reputation as a great warrior.

Most Daogs live a nomadic hunter/gather life-style, wandering, fighting and raiding. They are usually not very aggressive in small groups. However Daogs can become very aggressive in larger groups, especially in the fall or winter or when their hunting has been poor. (This aggressiveness is an instinct to keep the clan small enough so in lean times, the clan will be able to feed itself and survive.)

Most intelligent races consider the Doags to be a race of barbarians, which truthfully they really are. The problem of treating them as barbarians is that is a sure way of getting into a duel of honor with the offended Doag. In such a case, the Doag will fight to protect his honor, even if he know he cannot win, his hope being that if he is killed needlessly, his clan will at least avenge his death. In game terms, the clan will react to the manner in which the duel took place and if the individual fought and defeated their clan member honorably, if not a feud could develop and they character could gain an enemy.

In short, the Doags are a barbaric, simple people who spend most of their time hunting and trying to survive. They live and die by their customs and their code of honor. They take care of their own, they aid and support and are very loyal to those they name as friends and those they name as enemies they never forgive and try to hurt their foes every chance they get. They raid each other; those insult or offend them and those who have more loot than is good for them. They are not a particularly bloodthirsty race, usually preferring not to kill without good cause. To kill needlessly is considered to be unhonorable.

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