75 Points

ST +5 (60 pts)

Acute Taste and Smell, 4 levels (8 pts)
Damage Resistance, 2 levels (6 pts)
Fearlessness, 3 levels (6 pts)
Magic Resistance, 2 levels (4 pts)
Reduced Sleep (10 pts)
Temature Tolerance, 2 levels (2 points)

Illiteracy (-5 pts)
Sense of Duty to Defend Offspring, Mate and Close Friends (-5 pts)
Ugly Appearance (-10 pts)
Proud (-1 pt)

Average height is 7 feet tall, average weight is 500 pounds, adjust from there. Fur color ranges in color as does human hair colors. Some tribes may only have one or a few related colors while other tribes will have a much larger mixture.

Cyranoes are huge, stocky fur covered men, averaging 7 feet in height. A low forehead and a bony ridge that circles the eyes surmount their faces. The most distinguishing facial feature of the Cyranoes is their large, long nose, rivaling that of the proboscis monkey. Despite their appearance, Cyranoes are fairly intelligent and are very capable learners and some are smarter than most humans are.

They come from hunter/gather tribes; their skills should chiefly be Survival, Tracking and other skills related to their day-to-day survival. Their tremendous Strength is their greatest survival weapon.

On average, Cyranoes are as intelligent as the average human, and they can learn any skill if they set their mind to it. Their native tongue is primitive, direct and simple (and is a M/E skill). They can become proficient in any language that a human can, but they nearly always retain a strong accent and they speak directly in a simple blunt style.

Cyranoes are highly tribal and territorial. Large groups of them will tend to fight among themselves; their battles are usually very destructive. In spite of their massive strength, Cyranoes are (usually) not bullies, and most will try to avoid a fight if they can. But once a Cyranoes enters battle, they often become little more than mindless killing machines (Berserk is a recommended disadvantage, but not required). They will always defend on offspring, a mate or a close friend to the death if necessary.

Single Cyranoes that are isolated from others of their kind will find it easy to coexist with humans and/or most races. Cyranoes are extremely loyal, and anyone befriending one has a friend for life. They are great mimickers and over time may take on some of the personality traits of those closest to them.

In conclusion, Cyranoes are basically human, just bigger, stronger and a little funny looking. Most come to reject civilization and all its woes for a simpler, more basic natural lifestyle in their tribes.

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