Cyborg, Mark I
150 Points

ST +2 (20 pts)
DX +2 (20 pts)
IQ +2 (20 pts)
HT +2 (20 pts)
Alertness +3 (15 pts)
Calm (1 point) Combat Reflexes (15 pts)
Danger Sense (15 pts)
DR +3 (9 points)
Hard to Kill, 3 levels (15 pts)
High Pain Threshold (10 pts)
Magic Resistance +5 (10 pts)
Night Vision (25 pts)
Rapid Healing ( pts)
Unusual Background (Cyborg, limited access to TL 8 equipment at creation) ( pts)

Cold Blooded
Dying Race
Increased Life Support
Hideous Appearance
Social Status, Outsider
Vulnerability to Lightning - Takes an extra Point of Damage for each die of Lightning Damage rolled

Racial Learn Skills:
Bloodlust Broadsword 8 DX +2
Beam Weapons 1 DX +2
Brawling 2 DX +1
Camouflage 2 IQ
Fast Draw, Pistol 1 DX
Fast Draw, Rifle 1 DX
Fast Draw, Sword 1 DX
Stealth 2 DX
Traps 2 IQ
Running 1 HT-2
Survival, Woodlands 2 IQ
Armoury Beam Weapons 2 IQ
Mechanic, Cyborg 2 IQ
Diagonsis 4 IQ
Physician 4 IQ
Savoir Faire/Military 1 IQ
Tactics 4 IQ

Racial Skill Bonuses:

Racial Quirks:

Determine height normally, weight is +50% of normal Strength.

PLEASE NOTE: This page and race are still under construction....currently being play tested in my campaign, they may be modified or even dropped....


A Bit of Background
On the cyborgs' homeworld a world war rage, and the Cyborg, Mark I series was rushed into production. Disabled veterans of the fighting were the raw material....
In the end a horrible plague was released and finished the cyborgs race. The cyborgs were resistant, but afraid that the plague might adapt itself to their modified form. It was decided that the cyborgs would leave the homeworld via a world gate which had been discovered and was being scouted by a cyborg recon patrol when the plague was released. The recon team commander with no superiors alive, decided to allow all the surviving cyborgs (from both sides) to use the World Gate before destroying the planet with nukes (The Biotech Warfare Group man made plague had to be stopped before it wiped out all life everywhere....).

The cyborgs were able to decontaminate themselves and leave their homeworld. Their Tech Level was at level 8. The cyborgs were limited to what they could carry, so while some looted treasure, the smarter ones took spare weapons, took kits and as many extra C Cells batteries as they could. Their personal weapons were super fine Vibrobade broadswords, heavy Laser Pistols and Laser Rifles. Each beam weapon can get 12 shots from a C Cell doing 2d imp (or hot shot trades 5 "shots" for an attack doing 4d imp). Standard issue personal armor was Armorplast Heavy Plate (DR 8) with Armorplast Shields (with a mirror finish).




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