30 Points

ST +3 (30 pts)
DX +2 (20 pts)
IQ -1 (-10 pts)
HT -1 (-10 pts)

Acute Smell and Taste +2 (4 pts)
Brachiator (5 pts)
Damage Resistance +2 (6 pts)
Tempature Tolerance, 2 levels (2 pts)

Unattractive (-5 pts)
Chummy (-5 pts)
Curious (-5 pts)

Racial Quirks:
Distractible (-1 pt)
Imaginative (-1 pt)

Chims are a foot shorter than average for their height, weight is normal for their height.

Chims look a lot like their ancestors, the chimpanzees, but there are considerable differences. Chims stand fully upright, their hands are better than a chimpanzee's and their voice box is more human like.

Chims are more "laid-back" and more sociable than humans. They put great importance on group grooming rituals, and marry into large group families. Chimmies (female Chims) go into heat about twice a year; this makes them (and any Chims they may encounter) very amorous. Neither sex is very "interested" at other times. Females bear one baby at a time. Chim children grow up quickly (mature at 16 years) but have a normal lifespan.

Most races (including humans) find Chims likeable, but are occasionally annoyed at their lack of discipline and respect.

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