A Centaur Sub-Race

Cheirondae Centaurs 120 points Advantages:
ST 20/40 (152 points, sencond number is for lower body only, racial default is 20/40)
IQ +2 (20 points)
HT +2 (20 points)
Acure Hearing +2 (4 points)
Alertness +1 (5 points)
DR +2 (6 points) Enhanced Move, 1 level (10 points)
4 legs (5 points)
Literacy (5 points)

Code of Honor (Elegance, -10 points)
Sense of Duty (Nature, -15 points)
Overconfidence (-10 points)
Inconvenient Size (-10 points)
Increased Life Support - Eats 3 times as much as an average human(-20 points)
Phobia: Mild Claustrophobia (-15 points)
Phobia: Mild Thalassophobia (-10 points)
Racial Reputation -2 - Uncivilized barbarians who lust for liquor and women (-10 points)
Stubborness (-5 points)

Racally Learned Skills:
Running at HT (4 point)
Survival - Plains at IQ (2 points)

Dislike those who drink to excess (-1 point)
The thought of wearing a saddle, harness or yoke is particularly odious (-1 point)

Male Centaurs average 6 feet 6 inches in height and average weight is 800 pounds.

There once was a wise, well educated and enlightened centaur named Cherion who loved learning and sharing his knowledge. He rejected the normal centaur socity and he went on a journey of discovery. After many years, he became a stundent of the elves. Learning much from them, Cheiron desided to share what he had learned. He gathered a group of like-minded centaurs and also members of other races and he became famous as a teacher. Many legends say that a great many enlightened princes and heros are said to have been his students (or at least students of his followers.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all centaaurs are the same, there are two types of Centaurs. They are all of the same original race, but through the passage of time, they have separated into two separate groups. One group is called the Cheirondae, who are the children and students of Cheiron, the wise and educated Centaur. The other Centaurs (the vast majority) are called the Ixionidae, or children of Ixion (by the Cheirondae Centaurs), an ancient king of Centaurs, who was wild and unpredictable and opposed Cheiron. The majority of the "Ixionidae" centaurs call themselves centaurs, not knowing or carring what the Cheirondae Centaurs call them.

All Centaurs are Omnivores. They usually find grains and vegetables to eat, but they are also hunters, and search out prey relentlessly.

While Centaurs have no taboos against nudity, and so most often live completely naked, having fur to warm their lower bodies, using a saddle blanket in winter. The Cheirondae Centaurs like to wear elegant clothing and jewerly, especially for formal occisions.

All Centaurs are Polygamous.

Cheirondae Clan

The Cheirondae are a wise, peaceful race. Like all Centaurs, their upper bodies are human, and their lower bodies are horse. This accounts for their split strength score, as their upper bodies are somewhat stronger than a normal human, and their lower bodies are as strong as a horse. They can kick with their legs for full damage.

They have studied much from their sire, Cheiron. Although Cheiron is Generations dead, he is still regarded as the "father" of all the Cheironian Centaurs. All Cheironian go to schools for the first fifteen years of their lives, and all schools are refered to as the Temples of Cheiron, although they do not think of Cheiron as a diety. The teachings include reading, writing, biology, zoology, botany, medicine, and mathematics, as well as limited physics, archery, and divination rites.

Cheirondae Clan Centaurs live in forests and plains, spending most of their time learning and studying, and improving upon their communities. They are very protective towards nature, and will battle anyone doing damage to their lands.

They are also very magical creatures. They study magic in depth, with no taboos against its use. Few Cheirondae Centaurian mages undergo the Ritual Tattooing before being taught the secrets of magic, but those that do often become some of the most powerful mages in the known worlds.

The Cheirondae are very concerned about their image. They always act with style, emulating the Elven ideals. Even though they do act very different than the majority of centaurs, they still often get classed along with their boisterous brethren, and still suffer the reputation disadvantage.

The Cheirondae are hunters, and very skilled in archery, as well as spears and forged metal hand weapons. They limit their hunting to non-mammals, mainly eating fish and birds. Most of their food is made up of vegetables, as they see it as the only humane food.

They do prefer to remain naked, but in times of war they will forge light armor and wear it to protect themselves. They band together and charge with lances, while a group behind them, usually women, children, and the elderly, showers the enemies with arrows.

While their nature is to be polygamous, they are, more often, serial monogamists. They tend to stay in partners while the colts are being reared, but after the child is above the age of ten, the couple will most often find other partners to mate with.

Cheironian Centaurs have close affiliation with Elves and Fauns.

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