85 points

IQ +2 (20 points)
HT +2 (20 points)

DR +2 (6 points)
PD +1 (15 points*)

Acute Hearing +2 (4 points)
Amphibious (10 points)
Nictating Membrane (10 points)
Oxygen Storage (14 points)
Speak Underwater (12 points)

Code of Honor - Beaverling Customs (-10 points)
Compulsive Behavior - Logical (-10 points)
Honesty (-10 points)
Truthfulness (-5 points)
Tempertolerance 1 level (1 point)

Racial Learn Skills:
Brawling at DX+1 (2 pts)
Bow at DX (4 pts)
Climbing at DX+3 (8 points)
Stealth at DX +2 (4 pts)
Survival, Mountains at IQ (2 pts)
Tournament Law/Dueling Code at IQ (2 pts)
Tracking at IQ (2 points)
Traps at IQ (2 points)

Racial Learned Skills:
Artist at IQ (4 points) Musical Instrument at IQ (4 points) Singing at HT (2 points) Cooking at IQ (1 point)

Racial Quirks:
View all other races as inferior (-1 point)
Arch Conservatives (-1 point)
Very Artistic (-1 point)

Determine height normally, then subtract 10 inches; weight is 10 pounds lighter than normal for Strength before subtracting.

Beaverling are bipedal sentient beavers. They often dwell in tree houses, caves, or in underground buildings (similar to halfling burrows) near lakes or on islands or along coastlines. They love the water and have been known to build underwater lodgings. They are artisans of great wonder eapecially in painting, cooking, and music. They are fairly chivalrous, and honest to a fault (literally).

Being equally at home on land or in the water, Beaverlings suffer no penalties for skill use when working underwater and they do not need the Swimming skill (as per Amphibious advantage). Beaverling can automatically swim at their normal move rate.

In general, due partly to their fur, they tend to appear to be short and stocky. They have smooth seal like skin and webbed fingers and toes. Their short, very soft and extreemly fine fur ranges from blond to black as sable, with auburn, light and dark brown being very common. Mature individuals tend to be grey or silver streaked. Some ancient individuals turn completely gray or silver, but this is extremely rare.

Normally Beaverlings rarely wear cloths (execpt in extreme cold), their skin and fur is considered equal to normal clothing. Beaverlings normally wearing only belts and/or harnesses and sometimes a hat. In cases where armor is needed, Beaverlings have learned to make leather armor from sea and water creatures (Such as from water snakes skins, eel hides and such like). Those living near oceans make Sea-shell scale mail armor which most Beaverlings prefer to other armors. They have also been known to make breast plates out of giant turtle shells, as well as buckler shields and war helms out of turtle shells.

Beaverling armor can be considered as equal to their more mundane counter parts except the Beaverling armor has the added advantage that it is completely water-proof and is always a great work of art. While Beaverling armor is sometimes made and sold to other sea-faring races, the price is 10 times normal for similar mundane armor of the same type, so normally only very wealthy individuals might be expected to own a suit of Beaverling armor. (Please note that Beaverling Player Characters pay the standard prices for their armor, part of the Beaverling Custom is to charge 10 times normal price to non-Beaverlings for their armor).

If Beaverling armor is unavailable, they prefer mundane breast plates and/or mundane armor which can be quickly gotten into and out of...they will normally attempt to obtain a large enough water-proof bag or container to be able to store their metal or leather armor in while swimming. "It is only logical that I have a water-proof container for this armor as at some point I am going to need to swim with it...."

Regarding weapons, Beaverling generally prefer crossbows, tridents, nets, shortswords, and small buckler shields.

When Beaverling cubs are born (usually in litters of 6 to 8), their names are usually chosen by the paternal grandparents and usually consist of a descriptive or hoped for trait. Common names include Blackie, Brownie, Smokey, Minnow, Stoud, Strongheart, Gallent, Brooke, Darling, Dearheat, Froggy, Tad (from Tadpole), Misty, Rainbow, Bellows, Beauty, Flamehair, Blondie, Sunsect, etc.

Beaverling hold order very highly and they dislike change and chaos. They are extremely logical thinkers, they hold dry humor in high esteem and love puns, but hate slap-stick comedy. Beaverlings are expected to conform to the norm, those who do not will be quickly exiled to protect their society. An exile is normally banished for a minimum of 7 years (to reflect and learn the error of their ways). They are required to paint a fish over a wave on their shield and display this device to any and all Beaverlings they meet. These "Fish out of Waters" (as exiles are commonly known) may be given no aid by other Beaverlings they meet during their exile and are generally shunned. Such exiles may petition to return to Beaverling society after their term of exile is completed when they are willing to conform. The rulers of the Beaverlings will question the petitioner and depending upon their reaction may or may not allow the exile to join their community.

Please note that Beaverlings will always have a logical explanation for their behavior and actions. While Beaverlings esteem logic highly, they are not unemotional. When a Beaverling decides it is logical to kill someone or something, they can be very cold-blooded and ruthless about it!

Beaverlings are naturally biased in their honest belief that they are the superior race. In many individuals this racial quirk is often found as a full-blown intolerance. This has not always made Beaverlings popular with other races.

A very common disadvantages that many Beaverlings share is Bad Sight. Spending much time in often murky water tends to strain and effect Beaverling sight. Many are sensitive to bright light and so many Beaverlings wear large hats to shade their eyes. Their fashion sense and artistic natures tend to make their wide brimmed hats very stylish and elegant.

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